10 October 2006

Wacky Teaser Panties You Would Like To See

WARNING : NSFW & those of you who puasa also not safe! Others proceed at own risk!

I bet most of us guys are kinda bored with laced type, semi transparent, semi see thru and g-string panties ledi by now, well fearnot! coz those peeple in Amadika, Hollywood came out with this crazy ideas for teaser ladies panties that would make Ahpeks like us drools!

"The Finger" panty

Slippery When Wet Panty

"Tattooed in places where you'd like to lick" panty

"TOY '4' BOYS" panty

"Open 24 Hours" Panty

"Kissin is free, touchin will cost ya!" Panty

Anyone knows where i can get hold of these? See ledi no need viagra also can stand!!!!!!

Lau Bei Huet!!! (Nosebleed)


  1. Anonymous1:44 pm

    ebay it la wingz! ebay sure got plenty!

  2. ahhh... this one really makes me awake from my half sleep condition... I like!!!

  3. Anonymous5:48 pm

    nabeh, my nose already bery bery sensitive because of the asap cap indon ... niama, now u taruk pics like this ... hai lat!!!

  4. Haiyor....go produce your own brand lor. Sure sell like hot cakes online. Apamaciam?

  5. how come the models like ahkua body lidat?

  6. i like the finger panty... hehe... a picture paints a thousand words

  7. Anonymous10:42 pm

    I wan that "Slippery When Wet" panty!!

  8. i want to wear!!!!


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