6 October 2006

Happy Mooncake Festival

We got jelly mooncake, got icecram mooncake, got jade mooncake, pandan mooncake, cherry blossom mooncake (watever fark that is), chocolate mooncake, birdnest mooncake, abalone mooncake and there are some i cant even pronouce!

Why bother to even call it mooncake anyway? those are NOT mooncake! those are cookies or biscuits NOT mooncake!!!

They are just exploitings this Mid Autumn festival to get to you!!! some weird mooncake even cost more than RM50 a piece! Hows that for madness?

I know one family who is in this mooncake business, they only work 2 months in a year and took the rest of the 10 months off, Serious! So you see .... we all been had ..... we all are suckers lol!

SO, this year once again I bought my favourite kinda mooncake ... RM5 per roll of 5pcs!!! CHEAP CHEAP!!!

My Fav mooncake!

And below are the Mooncakes you dont get to see in Malaysia or rather dont wish to see. These are from Taiwan

Happy Mooncake Festival Everibodi!!!!


  1. wingz please deliver some mooncake to my office address:

    Ah Tiam Trading Sdn Bhd
    88, Jalan Miskin,
    Daerah Orang Miskin,
    10200, Pulau Pinang,


  2. Anonymous3:53 pm

    wah.... veri nice...
    wingz lets do a gethering in taiwan ok
    all duit ticket kapal terbang sndire tanggung
    ke ke ke ke ke ke

    but wat the name of all that moon cake la? you know ma me?

  3. Anonymous4:33 pm

    happy moon and cake to you too! where's my tanglung leh?

  4. wingz, first of all, Happy Makan Mooncake pestivel.

    2nd of all, ur PR had gone back to PR5. Tenkiu.

  5. happy mooncake festival to u & ur family wingz!

  6. Happy Tanglung festival. I am going to burn my toddler's lantern now. Woohoo! Add on to the stewpid haze.

  7. Anonymous11:20 pm

    Hapi kueh bulan festival!!! Yahooo..I got Mickey mouse mia tanglung. I go play play tanglung pirst!!

  8. unker wingz` happy belated moong kek day :D

  9. i like the last pic... got wine wor!!!

  10. Anonymous4:54 am

    Wah! The star-shaped mooncake is so kawaii!

    IwantIwantIwant! Pretty prease?

    *batting eyelashes*

  11. HAppy belated kuih bulan festival... ;)

    btw those rm5 mia kuih bulan is nice...i usually eat tat... ;)

  12. Anonymous12:41 pm

    Saw a set of mooncake that comes with wood & pewter casing that cost RM300++. Talk about exploitations.

    Hope the festival has been great.

  13. come we play tanglung and candles in rojaks here!yeah yeah!

    YB wingz,enjoy mooncake day with yur little devil!selamat hari bulan!

  14. And below are the Mooncakes you dont get to see in Malaysia or rather dont wish to see. These are from Taiwan

    you are right. those mooncake are ones that we don't wish to see in malaysia. mooncakes should look like mooncakes not sushi, chocholate hearts, yada yada yada...


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