16 October 2006

Insurance Advertisements, Life is Full of Surprises ... Just Like Your Monday!

I just received this Video from cocka a few minutes ago and somehow I felt this funny insurance advertisement is almost as real as most of our Monday at work.

On Monday .... everything can and will go wrong! Colleagues will be barking at you chasing you for stuffs, you boss will also chase you for others urgent reports then your PC decided to clear its annual leave and goes blank on you, the photocopier ran outta toner, the opis ran outta coffee, the lift to your building stopped working too etc etc etc.

Yea we all been there done that right anot? Like it anot a few hours later we will hafta wakeup and drag our own ass to work ....

Anyway this funny Insurance advertisement will be your consolation if your Monday turned out to be as crappy as mine!

The Hilarious Insurance Ads

If you Monday is still crappy after watching this Funny Insurance Ads, then you seriously need to look for another job ledi LOL!

Monday here I KAM!!! Go Ahead, Make my day!!!


  1. Anonymous2:35 am

    Yao mou kam kiu ah?

  2. so early your monday already crappy meh?

  3. I don't mind being the guy watering the garden...

  4. Happy Mondaying!!!11111oneonesatu

  5. ahaa... i wanna be the guy splash water in the garden one... :P~~~


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