3 October 2006

China brushing up their English for Olympic 2008

Before I go any further, lets look at the background of the story first ok? The year 2008 China is gonna host the 2008 Olympics and everybody in China are told to improves their english in order to have better communication with visiting tourists.

They were also told to improve English on all the Signs on Major Roads to prevent foreigners would not get lost while touring china.

Read the story yourself :

Beijing to Improve English Signs on Major Roads

Measures to ensure foreigners in Beijing do not get "lost" are being taken, the Foreign Affairs Office of Beijing Municipality said yesterday.

It expects to improve signs written in English on all the major roads within the Sixth Ring Road and shopping malls by the end of this year.

The capital city currently has 650,000 people from overseas working and living in Beijing.

The figure is set to swell even further in the run-up to the 2008 Olympics.

The signs correction group, supported by a linguist team, will unveil correction plans for signs within the Third Ring Road today.

Meanwhile, by 2008, more Beijing residents than ever before will be able to speak English well enough to help foreigners who ask for assistance.

Checking and correction work for the fourth, fifth and sixth ring roads have already started, said Yang Liuyin, director of the office.

Chen Lin, an English language expert, said: "Creating a sound and smooth language environment is the basic need for anyone."

A drive to promote residents' English oral skills to help build up the city's international image was launched three years ago.

By the end of 2005, 29 out of every 100 Beijingers could speak at least basic English, or 4.45 million people, according to the foreign affairs office.

The figure is expected to increase to 35 per cent by 2008 when the Olympic Games begin, said Yang.

A mass language learning program has been created covering all ages, via TV shows, "English corners" and regional oral and writing competitions.

More than 150,000 people have taken part in hundreds of non-profit public lectures on foreign language and culture learning and etiquette studies.

The lectures received generous contributions from the country's top language training institutes.

(China Daily January 12, 2006)

that was in January 2006, 8 months ago .... today let us goan see whether there is any improvement anot wokeh?

Talking about being direct!!! Straight to the point!!

Please carefully fall into the river ok? dont fall in in a haste!

This one is the best!! Thank you for being SUCK a good friend!!! LMAO!!

This is very very very very difficult to explain ... just luff ok?
no nid explain explain lol!

Just eat! You dont wanna know what is Acid Food!!! LOL!

This is not so bad actually, insead of pArk it become pOrk ... luckily its not Fark!

Self Terminating Machine, this is where you would go to, if
you wanna commit suicide!

This is the entrance for The Majesty, its called
Enterness for Your Highness!!

This is complicated cake, so you dont wanna ask
whats innit, Its complicated!!! HAHAHA!!!!

This is really not so bad ler ... at least you can guess
what they are trying to say rite?

Export!!! OMFG!!! since when exit become export??!!! LMAO!!!

Alo! in China, cars and vehicles are not call cars and vehicles ok? they are called transportation gedit?!

Wuah this year basketball also new shape ledi!!!! KAKAKAKAKAKA !!!! OMFGBBQ BASKETBALL!!!!

Ok lar after luffing at their English now we goto the place where English is originated from and try to learn a thing or 2 from them .... We goto a place in United Kingdom call Northampton and this sign are found in their Northampton General Hospital :

It says, Family planning advice? USE REAR ENTRY LA!!!

The Queen's English wei!!!! WUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

That concludes our English lesson today, hope yall enjoyed the lesson and tune in again next time! Tenkiu!


  1. LOL... saw that all b4... their engrish damn good

  2. don't entrance the wrong hole!!!!!!111oneonesatu!111!!

  3. Anonymous1:40 am

    you know whats the reason for this, you kno those dumb words on products that come off from china, this is because they just imitate with whatever sample they can get their hands on ...

    so sometimes the fela who does the imitate job, get kinda sleepy or is just dumb and cant differentiate alphabets ...

    and those dumb phrases are results of direct translation ...

  4. Anonymous2:26 am

    while i type this i still laugh at it any way i like piktures no 3, no 4 and the last wan....
    got more than 3 meaning

  5. see! not even the gweilo know how to speak engrish so cannot blame chinamen lah!

  6. Anonymous10:40 am


    is a very commom sign over in UK where many offices housed in small buildings.

  7. Anonymous2:25 pm

    so liddat they can host the olympics anot?

  8. Anonymous6:00 pm

    ahah, i got them in the mail b4. always funny...

  9. actually there is nothing wrong with the grammar of the last pic. its just that....'rear entrance' brings a whole different meaning to it kekeke...

  10. One thing is for certain; they are not afraid to learn and make mistakes. I think in 10 years time, they speak better English than Malaysians. They tried hard although they had so little vocab. Cheers!

  11. Anonymous10:45 am

    That one really a basketball la. When they want to save space on their shelf, they will inflate the ball. After buying the ball, you fill in the air yourself la.

  12. Anonymous6:56 am

    haha seems that they use the "Fall into water carefully" in lots of places...

    and i like the 8:30 'Partner' changing club!!! hahaha



  14. Anonymous8:29 pm

    Yeah I agree with nickosaurus-rex, there's NOTHING WRONG with the grammar in the last pic (the northampton general hospital one). The reason this pic became a popular joke is the association of the phrase 'use rear entrance' with 'family planning advice' - if you use the rear entrance, of course you don't have to worry about pregnancy! What a GREAT family planning advice!

  15. hahahah~! crab ovary and intestine with acid food?!?!??! damn they can eat`

    *jumps into river carefully*


  16. What kind of English is 'gonna'?

  17. so funny,,, ha ha ha,,, specially d acid food and selfterminating machine.. you made my day.. thanks!!!


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