12 October 2006

Adoption of a Russian Baby

Ahbeng and Ahlian been married for almost 10 years ledi but still Ahlian 1 egg also tarak so outta desperation for a baby they both went to the International adoption center to sign up for an adoption, after they filled in all the forms they were asked by the Supervisor to go home n wait for news, they will contact them if there is any updates on their application.

Almost a year went by and one fine morning Ahbeng received a call from Supervisor of the International adoption center :

Supervisor : Mister Beng, we got good news for you .... your application has been approved and we got a Russian baby for you, he is now still in Moscow.
Ahbeng : WUAH!!! I SO HAPPY!!! TENKIU TENKIU!!! when the baby arrive? we come to take him.
Supervisor : The baby shoud be here in about 3 to 4 days time, once he arrived we will give you a call.
Ahbeng : Yes pls, yes ... please call us, we will wait for your call tenkiu!

Ahbeng then conveyed the good news to Ahlian and they both rejoice together-gether .... a few hours after that Ahbeng and Ahlian called their father conveying the good news and also to ask them this :

Ahbeng : Papa ... You know where got skool teach Russian wan anot?
Papa : Russian? why you wanna learn Russian??
Ahbeng : I think hor ... in a year or so the baby will start to tok .... If i learn Russian ledi then I can understand what hes saying larrrrr
Papa :


  1. stupid ah beng! LOL... baby still how to talk la... wakakakakakakaka

  2. hahaha...ah beng learnt russian and the kids learnt hokkien, they can talk cockien

  3. Anonymous9:10 am

    hehehe this is a good one!

  4. Muahahhaa... y ah beng so dut dut one!?! kekekee....

  5. Anonymous11:17 am

    Hahaha..chicken and duck tok!

  6. baby can talk wan! u never see stewie in family guy meh?c


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