3 October 2006

Microsoft Windows Vista Security Issues

Wah lau eh!!! this Microsoft really wanna monopolised the software market liow lidis! They now dunwan let third party touch their OS, so if u use Window Vista then you no need buy antivirus and firewall and spyware all are built in by Microsoft.

The good thing is its consider free la (buden kambing from Microsoft, where got free things wan rite anot?) the bad thing is since Microsoft is in charge of the security for this OS, i could almost see it! 90% of the world's computers kaputED at the same time bcoz someone successfully penetrated thru their defense protocols. (which is great, imagine the amount of electricity saved from all this pcs being down lol!)

Why they don wanna let 3rd party make antivirus, firewalls, spyware and adware removers or addons program for Windows Vista? They claimed its gonna be more secure if no one knows about their wat wat kernel system la but I think they got noodle behind the wantan mee wan!

You remembered the windows 98? Yar my office got lotsa desktop with windows 98 innit (legitimate wan of coz) but Microsoft no longer supports this OS, in other words ..... if u r using Windows 98 and you got problems with it .... you are on your own! Microsoft fark u no free!

So by controlling the security features in Vista they could stop the security support and have all the existing Vista users buy their latest products for the fear of not having any protection for their OS. Lidat whatever they come out also u must buy la!! if not u hailat ledi wan! lol

Microsoft 'taking security risks'

Microsoft is taking security risks with its forthcoming Vista operating system, says software firm McAfee.

The security specialist has taken out a full-page advert in the Financial Times to alert readers to its concerns.

It feels the tech giant is increasing risks of hacks and viruses by locking out third-party software firms from its in-built security system for Vista.

The row also involves the European Union, which is watching Vista's release for signs of monopoly abuse.

"With its upcoming Vista operating system, Microsoft is embracing the flawed logic that computers will be more secure if it stops co-operating with the independent security firms," wrote George Samenuk, McAfee's chairman and chief executive in the advert.

'Preventing releases'

McAfee says Microsoft is stopping security firms from accessing the core of the operating system, called the kernel, and is therefore preventing them from releasing third-party security add-ons.

Attacks on the kernel of an operating system - such as malicious drivers for peripherals and rootkit hacks - have become commonplace among users of Microsoft's Windows XP.

Microsoft is locking security firms - and other software developers - out of the core in an effort to prevent kernel attacks on Vista.

"Microsoft seems to envision a world in which one giant company not only controls the systems that drive most computers around the world but also the security that protects those computers from viruses and other online threats," the advert said.

"Only one approach protecting us all: when it fails, it fails for 97% of the world's desktops."

'Constructive dialogue'

A Microsoft spokesman said: "Our goal is to deliver a fully innovative, secure version of Windows Vista that is compliant with EU law. We have an ongoing and constructive dialogue with the European Commission on these issues."

The European Commission is involved in the debate after it fined Microsoft 497m euros (£335m) in 2004 for anti-competitive behaviour.

Security firms such as McAfee and Symantec believe Microsoft's actions around security for Vista amounts to a similar anti-competitive stance.

Last month the European Union competition commissioner, Neelie Kroes, accused Microsoft of orchestrating a "co-ordinated campaign" to discredit her.

McAfee and Symantec have both stated that the core security systems for Vista have already been breached by hackers.

"These new technologies, along with Microsoft's unwillingness to make compromises in this area have serious implications for the security industry as a whole," Symantec said on its security weblog.

It added: "If Microsoft wants to make Vista more secure, it should provide equal access to the platform that its own developers have to ensure that security vendors can continue to innovate on the platform, and to ensure that consumers and manufacturers can continue to choose the best security solutions for the platform."


You remembered the Microsoft motto "Where you wanna go today?" well in Malay it reads as "Mana Mau Lari???!!!!"

You think Tesco gonna come out with a new OS anot har?


  1. Anonymous1:20 pm

    hahaha...mana mahu lari?? LMAO

  2. Anonymous1:35 pm

    I don't think that will happen lah, otherwise Microsoft is digging its own grave and gotta prepare themselves to face lots of lawsuits from Antivirus developers.

  3. Nvm... my system can't support Vista, dunwan to use only la. Just continue use the Xtra Problem windows lor as long can let me online blogging, dwl MP3, surf porno, listen my Mp3s, DVD, do my work, enaugh oledi la. Anyway, I kinda agree with ur malay version of the motto. LOL

  4. Anonymous3:08 pm

    ahhhhhh..liddat then got to use microsoft mia antivirus and firewall ar? dui lor!!

  5. Anonymous4:12 pm

    yalor ace was right...
    next time i think microsoft make their own computer and pakse we all buy it...

  6. As long as we can still get the cheap version from IMBI I no give fuck who is making what la ! LOL! By the way, you tink my 486 can sappot the Vista ?

  7. tux : lari pigik amadikaaa laaa

    bryan : it is happening dats why Mcafee and Symantec is protesting... but what can they do? in the end the OS still Microsoft mia

    kenny ng : i still using win98 ler ... i lagi backwards lol

    ace : free one worrr

    pisnag : that is not too far behind also ...

    linpeh : with vista u knot use IMBI version ledi la .... if use sure kena virus wan lol

  8. I think I will have to wait patiently for Tesco to come up with one. Haha!


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