22 October 2006

You Can Now Obtain informations on Doctors and Clinics Easily

Just imagine, the informations of a doctor is easily obtainable on the internet. Informations such as IC number, age, telephone number, address, clinics informations etc etc. in Malaysia can now be obtained via internet.

Dont take my words for it .... goto Dr.Liew blog and read it yourself.

Its scary sometimes, how information are widely available if you know where to look.


  1. It's good also I guess...can see which doctor hutang ppl money one....hehehee or if they have any criminal records. this Web site might just save your life....

  2. Anonymous5:31 pm

    Thanks, Wingz. OU1.

  3. Wingz, you can also get information on other peoples mistresses..just log-in to www.othermistresses.com ...but don't search for my name, ok????

  4. Anonymous1:19 pm

    u mean u can enquire via MOH link?

  5. can get information for chicks? kekeke

  6. Anonymous1:19 pm

    Those want to find Dr liew info, better save your gas(han dit lar), you will not find it. Guess who report it first.


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