20 October 2006

Do not Jump Red Light!


Watch the man on the left walking, crossing the road when the light is green for him.

Then just when he is half-way walking to cross to the other side, a farking car decided to pretend he is color blind and jump the red-light, needless to say that color blind wannabe clashed with an on-coming car (from right), pushing it with force, causing it to rammed forward, crashing into the man who was crossing the road!

Mahai that fler diam diam cross his road also kena whack for nothing!!!! Fark those who loves to jump red light wan!!!

Just be careful when driving or crossing the road. dont take things for granted, not even for a split second!


Note : This gif image will take a while to load, while you wait scroll down to read another another typical red light jumping incident.

A typical Malaysian Driver was caught jumping the light by the Traffic Police, read what happened next :

Polis : Encik, tadi u tak ada nampak lampu merah kah?
Driver : Ada!
Polis : Kenapa u masih jalan?
Driver : Saya ada nampak lampu merah, tapi saya tak ada nampak u
Polis : ¡§ !@#$%^&*()
Driver: bagi peluang ..tuan...
Polis: peluang bagi dgn macam mana??
Driver: bagilah peluang..
Polis: ya.. dgn macam mana??
Driver: biasa looo..
Polis: macam mana biasa..???
Driver: wei.. u pura pura ke atau hilang ingatan ar..
Polis: ape u maksud??
Driver: haizz.. u memang sedang bazirkan masa saya ..bagi saman...CEPATTTT...
Polis: saman RM200 o.. fikir baik baik ...
Driver: wei.. u tak faham maksud saya ka.. suruh u bagi then jus bagi la.. apasal mau cakap banyak... u punya head suruh u mari sini chating ar?? mau saman then cepat sikit.. hanya ta hu bazir masa saya.. saya sanggup bayar saman ini pun tak akan bagi u minum .. biar u dahaga
Polis: )*&@&%$#(_!+%!&%)(!_$@&$_!@( %&!@&% !)

Of coz the above conversation is not real one la ... but nevetheless it kinda reflecting the Malaysian Driver's mia attitude .... they just dont give a fark! they only think of themselves, only they are in a hurry ... other ppl all can wait wan!!

WTF!!! We Malaysian are one of the worst driver in this world!


  1. Saw this clip before, really pity that fler cross the road. This morning I almost hit by a car jumping the red light, really TiuNiaSeng lor!!!

  2. that's horrible!! feel so sorry for him.

    Its good that you put that up to remind us.

    It just takes a split second to change everything. Impatience is a monster.

  3. That happened in Malaysia? Can you give me the link to the video? And if possible forward me the story or something? I am doing road safety documentary for my final, it would really help. Thanks

  4. Anonymous12:31 pm

    Tiuuuniamah that bastard must kena hanging and cut kkc.However,probably just kena fine and lesen revoke saja.If lucky only few months penjara.Dat why if you wanna kill someone and get away, just knock him down lah.Tak payah gantung.

  5. No, u come to India n you'll redefine wat's the worst...

    NEway, I'm now studying at Salem, Tamil Nadu, India...

    We now only know that Msia's the best... Hahahaha...

  6. yeahloh yeahloh! eh but the hongkies are worse drivers... i cross the road in kowloon on a green light for pedestrians also kena horn!!!!! KNN!

  7. dawn: Here ppl honk lagi siao... Nothing nothing oso honk... Cross road sure kena honk... N u wont find 10 seconds of silence on the road unless there's no car on the road...


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