13 October 2006

Loanshark Duo and a Bank Robbery

AHock & Linpeh is two of the most cunning loan shark in KL. AHock actually frend with Linpeh long long ledi ... but derno how they both chosen to be loan shark and compete with each other in the "Finance" sector.

Everytime AHock print thousands of namecards to be disributed nationwide Linpeh sure follow with a bigger and more shinning namecards trying to beat AHock and AHock also alway grab customers from Linpeh by offering lower interest and monthly free installments also.

Even tho they always competing with each other but in real life they still very friend wan geh .... sometime AHock not enuff cash he wil borrow some from Linpeh and sometime Linpeh will also borrow some cash from AHock if hes short of it himself.

Then come one day Linpeh got a big waterfish come borrow a huge sum of money and so ngam Linpeh not enuff cash, so he called AHock to loan him some cash and promised to return it after that. AHock straight away bring Linpeh the money without much question and Linpeh successfully closed the deal and made quite alot from it.

To show his appeciation, Linpeh treat AHock to lunch and after that he tell AHock :

Linpeh : eh taukeh ... after lunch hor you follow me to the bank la, i take money give u back ok?
AHock : Wuah so fast gimme back ar?
Linpeh : Yala mch! if not later u charge me interest how?
AHock : Wuah say me lidat meh? we brader mah! ok la ok la i go with u lar

At the bank AHock wait at the lobby while Linpeh go tok see the manager ask him to arrange cash for him. 5 minutes later Linpeh walked outta the bank's manager office holding a big envelope containing money and walks towards Ahock.

At the same time also suddenly Linpeh hear a loud bang and a loud voice saying :

"This is a robbery! kneel down on the floor if you dont wanna get hurt!"

Linpeh dem kecut ledi la ... fast fast kneel down on the floor dont dare to move la

Two of the robbers were busy emptying money from the tellers counter while another two robbers lined up all the customers and proceed to empty their pocket, wallets, jewelry, watches etc. Seing this Linpeh fast fast jump the que so he can be at the back of AHock then he whispered this to him :

Linpeh : AHock ... mahai we are here also they dare to rob this bank! Never die before this geng!
AHock : Yala cibaikia live too long ledi .... u got plan anot?
Linpeh : I got I got! ... nah u hold this first
AHock : ok ... err .. what is this?
Linpeh : This is the money i borrowed from you just now la! Now i pay you back ledi ... if you kena rob not my fault ok?!!!


Note : Pls dun borrow from Loanshark ..... they are not as frendly as potrayed in the above story ... if u really wanna borrow pls find Linpeh ... if you borrow from him I will get Komisen wan! LOL!


  1. LOL... that mean u and Linpeh same gang 1... that Ahock is u la... wakakkakaa

  2. Anonymous12:55 am

    I be Manager can anot?

  3. Anonymous2:01 am

    ah hock is an idiot. hahaha.

  4. linpeh kill onot if i no maney to pay?

  5. Anonymous8:43 am

    i wan borrow 100k. ask lin peh see interest how much?

  6. Anonymous10:38 am

    heheheh how much interest he charging?

  7. Anonymous1:25 pm

    Now I know your real name is AHock ledi. Wakaka...

  8. Anonymous2:27 pm

    haha.....i refer customer got comission a not?

  9. 9 hai ! why so tell the whole world my profession ? Anyway, since you told ledi, my interest very simple wan la. borrow 1,000 everyday repay 18 for one hundred days ;-) Cheap bo ? if no repay, Wingz will cum take your galfriend. LOL!


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