26 October 2006

Destructive Hail Storm

On the 24th August 2006, in Northfield Minnesota ( the place Simmie is staying currently) there is this huge Hail Strom ... most of your guys prolly wont know what is hail storms but fearnot! .... lemme explains :

Hail Storm

Hail forms in strong thunderstorm clouds, particularly those with intense updrafts, high liquid water content, great vertical extent, large water droplets, and where a good portion of the cloud layer is below freezing (< 32 °F (0 °C)). The growth rate is maximized at about -13 °C (9 °F), and becomes vanishingly small much below -30 °C (-22 °F) as supercooled water droplets become rare. For this reason, hail is most common in midlatitudes during early summer where surface temperatures are warm enough to promote the instability associated with strong thunderstorms, but the upper atmosphere is still cool enough to support ice. Accordingly, hail is actually less common in the tropics despite a much higher frequency of thunderstorms than in the midlatitudes because the atmosphere over the tropics tends to be warmer over a much greater depth.

Also, entrainment of dry air into strong thunderstorms over continents can increase the frequency of hail by promoting evaporational cooling which lowers the freezing level of thunderstorm clouds giving hail a larger volume to grow in. Hail is also much more common along mountain ranges because mountains force horizontal winds upwards (known as orographic lifting), thereby intensifying the updrafts within thunderstorms and making hail more likely.

One of the most notorious regions for large hail is northern India and Bangladesh, which have reported more hail-related deaths than anywhere else in the world and also some of the largest hailstones ever measured. China is also notorious for killer hailstorms.

Certain locations in North America (such as the area around Calgary, Alberta) have gained the nickname "Hailstorm Alley" among meteorologists for the frequency of hailstorms and their severity. Hailstones, while most commonly only a few millimetres in diameter, can sometimes grow to 15 centimetres and weigh more than half a kilogram (1.1 pounds).

Pea or golfball-sized hailstones are not uncommon in severe storms. Hail can do serious damage, notably to automobiles, skylights, glass-roofed structures, and most commonly, farmers' crops. Rarely, massive hailstones have been known to cause concussions or fatal head trauma. Sometimes, hail-producing clouds are identifiable by their green colouration.

Ok now since you all know what is a hail strom now lets look at what kinda damages a hail strom can cause :

this is the hail or ice that falls from the sky

They come in different patterns and sizes

Some peeple keep them in the fridge, so they could show the insurance agent what cuased the damages

Look at the size of it! almost the size of a baseball!

Just imagine if you are hit by one of these ..... phuhhh ....

They are everywhere! there is no where to hide .... if you are outdoor, you are bound to be hit by one of these.

Little girl standing on top of a bunch of hails

And this is the kinda damages these hails is capable of inflicting :

Automobiles and cars is the main victim ..... it doesnt matters whether its moving or not.

Broken windshield is pretty common

I guessed all the workshops in Northfield is smilling tot he bank

Other than broken windsheilds, you will also gets hails in your car too

This is one tough mofo

OHNO!!! not my dream car!!!!! NNOOO!!!

Sunroof are not being spared either


more dents

Look at all those dents .... the bodyshop would really loves these hails!

Toyota Echo .... never seen that before

Macdonald's only took 1 hit

Confucious says : Those whos staying in glass house should not throw stones ..... -_-"" OUCH!!!

This is a video taken on Aug 24th 2006 in Northfield, Minnesota ... the day of the hail storm.

We are lucky we dont have this hail storm in Malaysia .... if not jialat la!!!!



  1. it happens before in Malaysia but smaller and less. really pity to the house and car owners... can't imagine if it hits on human.

  2. Anonymous3:12 am

    Ouch, must be painful!

  3. hahahah....all the cars from my state

  4. we get hailstorms here also, one year it was very bad & my wife's car got hantam till get dents all over! but u think the insurance will pay? think again!

  5. i kena before in london...
    but then the hail i kena much smaller so it doesn't really hurt

  6. i've never seen it with my own eyes before. hope to see them one day but not on my properties la..


  7. Anonymous1:27 pm

    Actually, Malaysia also hit by hailstorm before. PJ kena in 2000.

  8. malaysia oso got hailstorm leh....but not as teruk as the 1 in ur blog....i caught a few of the stone when it fell onto da ground....damn cold wei!!!!

  9. Anonymous2:47 pm

    Aiyo..my car damaged liao, can find out where to claim anot??

  10. Anonymous2:52 pm

    what hailstorm? these few days PD raining cats and dogs ah.

  11. shit...I didn't read about it!!!

    Lucky Malaysia tak ada....the ice of the size of golf balls!!!!

  12. Malaysia oso got...mini version...
    Budden cannot claim insurance lor because hailstorm is natural disaster, an 'act of God' in the insurance language...so, if ur car teruk kena hentam...so sori...nothing u can do except tanggung urself lor...

    *not insurance agent*


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