15 October 2006

G-Strings Showdown!!!

NOTE : The below methos is only applicable to Females only .... Males pulez refrain yourself from following any of the method shown in the video below or else you would invoked public puking. Tenkiu!

G-strings panty is no more special thong nowadays, every Jane, May and Ahlian also wearing it alredi. Anyone can buy it off the shelf and start wearing it BUT not every girl could wear it in style. You wanna know what is the most stylish way to wear your G-strings? Then you gotta watch I attached below.

If you are wearing G-strings and would like to let your friends knows or you would wanna show off to them without actually telling them that you are wearing a G-string this is the correct way to do it.

Observes carefully ok?

Now you finished watching it you actually learnt something from this video dontcha? a G-string panty can also be use as a shoulder strap/ suspender!


Many thanks to Ahnel for the fantastic video


  1. ladies!!!

    you had watch it so now its time to show in ur ofiz...LOL

  2. hehehe... i got that email from ah nel too... laugh 9 sei me. how wish i work in that environment :P

  3. oh my!


    should try that someday. IN SKOOL

    can use as lastik oso.

  4. Anonymous8:17 am

    Hello... bored worker here... I'm waiting... FASTER...

  5. Anonymous8:59 am

    walau this wan so damn long edy man ...

  6. Anonymous11:48 am

    so geli! can pull until shoulder.


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