15 October 2006

Wacky English Signboards

YESH!!! its weekend again!!! its that time of the week where I gets to sleep till 2pm and dont hafta worry about arriving to work late.

I found this set of photographs of Wacky English Signboards from all over the world and since its weekend I wanna share it with you guys here.

The first Wacky Signboard is from Houston USA, its a signboard of a church telling those lazy bargers whois too lazy to goto the church :

I think every machine should have this label sticked on them, no matter whether its a blender or just simply an iron. This world is so fulla silly people and this signboard actually would be very useful to these kinda flers. Yes, this is even applicable on computers.

Ironically, I do agree with this signboard which is displayed in a Zoo somewhere in the world lol! We dont know what kinda sickness we might pass on to the animal if they decided to eat us hahaha! one man'n meat is anothers anomal's poison .... no?

This banner seems to be working well, its like abit of offensive and a lil bit of defense .... We are on sale because i needed the money. HECK! Who dont need money nowadays?

If you airconditioned service company is called Stiff Nipples, you know they are good! lol

Do you actually think cockroaches can get cancer??? Well those little bargers are blardee hardy and they are predicted to be the only species that will keep on living even if all the human are wiped out from the surface of the planet. The future generation maybe?

This is by far my most favourite Wacky Signboards, this signboard is the fairest of them all .... there is no discrimination at all! They treated the human and the dog as equal thats explains why the signboard have 2 sections innit ... one for the human and another one for the dog. LOL!

Have a great weekend people ..... and dont forget to call your folks at home no matter where in the world you are ok?



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