23 October 2006

Boy Ate by Giant Crocodile - Gory Photographs

WARNING : GORY PHOTOGRAPHS!!! Do not proceed if you are easily disturbed by graphical photographs.
If you are eating, you do not wanna proceed, come back later!
If you havent eat yet, maybe you should come back when you had your meal.
Everyone proceed at own risk.

Boy snatched by Crocodile in Borneo
September 4, 2006 - 5:11PM

A crocodile snatched an 11-year-old Malaysian boy as he swam in a river on Borneo island, and a search party of 200 people later failed to find any sign of him.

A newspaper report said today Mohamad Azwan Hatta went swimming with a friend yesterday afternoon in the Sarawak River near Bako Ulu village when he was grabbed by the crocodile.

"It was as fast as lightning," the friend, Sulaiman Sakini, 15, was quoted as saying by the New Straits Times.

"The crocodile, as big as a boat that carries 30 people, just snatched Mohamad Azwan and pushed me aside."

Sulaiman fled in fear and shock and cowered in his room until the victim's mother came by hours later to ask where her son was.

A search party of 200 people on several boats failed to find any sign of the boy or the crocodile, the report added.

Could this be the croc that killed the 11 yrs old boy? Those polis in uniform looks like our Malaysia Police's uniform rite?

I got this emails forwarded to me on the 20th Sept 2006, which is a couple of weeks after this incident, so could this be the one?

Its kinda cruel tho .... What would Stevo (the late crocodile hunter) says if he saw these pictures?

Croc captured!

Hauling the Croc back to the village

Even the Authorities are helping in this hunt

All tied up

Look at the size of the tail!

Dragging the croc up to the land

Villagers gathered to watch

I presumed this is the victim's father?

The croc is being cut open

An arm belongs to a child is being ulled outta the croc's stomach

Both arms and a limb we being pull out of the croc's stomach

Villagers watch in sorrow

Both arms and limbs recovered from the stomach of the croc that ate the boy.

The body parts recovered were being placed onto what seems to be a plastic bag.

This is the photograph of the boy

This is the body recovered from the stomach of the croc

The croc being slaughtered



The head of the Croc, its such a gigantic Croc!

Beheading the Croc

Chop into tiny little pieces

And Burnt!

Link to the video provided by shadowfox, thanks for the tips!

There is a lesson to be learn here, human are not suppose to swim in a crocodiles infested rivers and thats is non argueable! If human do not swim in crocodiles infested rivers then human will not be eaten alive by giant crocs and human do not need to kill any crocs too!


  1. Anonymous6:40 pm

    From God we come to God we shall return.

    The victim being a boy was easy prey to an animal that just did what it does naturally!

    It's a tragic shame that two lifes have been lost! Both the boy and the crocodile!

    Such is Life!

    Others should be careful of swimming in such rivers or even going in to the crocodile's area where it seeks food.

    Humanbeings keep encroaching into wildlife's areas.

    Hence this sort of tragedy taking place!

  2. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Those are actually screenshots from a video.

    I've seen the video on a VCD before.

    At the same time while I was watching the video, a huge lizard ate a smaller one... talk about hungry reptiles.

    The actual video online can be found here. http://hawt.net/viewplug.php?id=50

  3. Anonymous6:59 pm

    cibai i dont think so the pics matches the news la ... thats some very old pics way before the sep 06 news la ...

    but damn wai la ...

  4. that's just fucking sick and fucking sad. sick cos of how the croc easily gobbled down the kid without even chewing him. sad cos of the way the croc was chopped up and burnt in the fire.

    if Steve was still alive he'll probably bang malaysia for their inhumane action. i mean, it's a croc, an animal, that's their nature. maybe it's the kid's parents' fault for letting him play in a croc infested river but im not blaming anyone here. since we're all malaysian, playing the flame game is our specialty.

  5. Wingz, wah the pic so keng. Tragic!!!

    BTW wingz, remove the joke lah; it can backfire.....listen to me!!!

  6. lokter : what joke???? where???

  7. Anonymous11:21 pm

    Yeah, these pictures had been circulated in e-mails. Pity that kid.

  8. Anonymous8:38 am


  9. Anonymous10:35 am

    that vid capture is not the same with the new one, that one happen hundred of km from place where the latest latest attack. please inform your reader. watch the same video around 2002.


  10. Anonymous1:15 pm

    population control.. hic!

  11. Anonymous6:16 pm

    the 2nd moral of the story is.. dun swim in borneo rivers ar!! wif all those crocs and giant leeches which will squeeze ur eyeballs out.. go swim lar in swimming pool.

    omg i just had crispy skin chicken wif rice.

  12. Anonymous10:25 pm

    I pity the croc more since it's just doing something that comes natural for it....and it got killed for that. Humans are constantly punishing animals for coming back into the land that we have forcibly taken away from them in the first place.

  13. those forensic not scared of handling dismantled parts of the body. BRAVO!

  14. Anonymous11:44 pm

    i am just shocked that they open up the croc while every body is standing around it. the could have done it a bit more private aswell as being better it is also friendlier to the boys parents. and if they already killed the croc why chop it in pieces and burn it. you could just put it under ground.

  15. Anonymous9:10 pm

    Well that's definitely a video to put on the next faces of death compilation.

  16. Anonymous3:05 am

    How can you have any sympothy for the croc??? We kill animals all the time. How many of us have fished, hunted, ate chicken, pork, beef, in the last 2 weeks? Plus, some cultures burn deceased ones rather than burying bodies so maybe thats why they didn't want to bury it. Plus, if that croc ate my kid i would love to mutilate it.

  17. Anonymous3:38 am

    Yeah, we eat all kind of animals, because they are part of our food chain, we don´t eat the on revenge.

  18. Anonymous6:05 am

    All you pussies grieving for the croc shold be burned alive.

  19. Anonymous7:21 am

    Pretty cleanly cut limbs for a croc attack. I would have expected a lot more trama to them.

  20. Anonymous8:24 am

    Such tragedy is this. Painful loss of father son and river crocodile. No money for delicious crocomeat and me sure boy funeral be closed casket. May force be with family.

  21. Anonymous2:16 pm

    Nice Photoshop job.

  22. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Well you have to do something with the croc. It obviously has no problem eating humans so you have to instill fear into the other crocs! Seriously though, you do have to do something with the croc. Whenever an animal shows a willingness to eat humans, you need to exterminate the animal so as to protect yourself and others.

  23. Anonymous8:11 am

    "How can you have any sympothy for the croc??? We kill animals all the time. How many of us have fished, hunted, ate chicken, pork, beef, in the last 2 weeks? Plus, some cultures burn deceased ones rather than burying bodies so maybe thats why they didn't want to bury it. Plus, if that croc ate my kid i would love to mutilate it."
    ^ That's true.

    Rest in peace.

  24. Anonymous7:14 pm

    omaygadd... grosss the limbs of the kid were seen...

  25. Anonymous2:10 pm

    i suppose with the a typical liberal wacky logic here, the poor gator, just being natural. the instinctive serial killer is natural too right, we should let them stalk other humans & kill at will, better yet liberals can put up the poor & unfortunate, after all the serial killer can't help themselves, they are a vitim of our heartless society & liberals will turn blue in the face to make sure you go damn well listen to them, this world has lost it's fuc'ing mind!

  26. Anonymous8:55 pm

    It was necessary for the villagers to kill and open up the croc. He had the boy inside him! I’m sure the parents would want to at least give the child a proper funeral and not let their child be digested inside the croc. Either way this is very tragic. I can’t imagine how it would have felt for the family to witness seeing these guys pulling their boy’s limbs out of the stomach.

  27. Anonymous2:08 am

    omg that kind of stuf does not happen alot and that jus tells u that it can happen to anyone and not to go in any lakes and shit cuz u never know wut could be in there... that is really sad and prayers go out to the parents that had to watch that stufff........ real life shit

  28. Anonymous1:48 pm

    "How can you have any sympothy for the croc??? We kill animals all the time. How many of us have fished, hunted, ate chicken, pork, beef, in the last 2 weeks? Plus, some cultures burn deceased ones rather than burying bodies so maybe thats why they didn't want to bury it. Plus, if that croc ate my kid i would love to mutilate it."

    I agree with that too

    Also burning it is much more hygenic than burying it, to burn it properly you have to cut it into little pieces.

  29. if the kid was mauled to death by the croc then the limbs shouldn't be so clean cut. there should've been more raggedly torn flesh, and more bruises/punctures from teeth pressure.

    i'm thinkin' some sick fucker chopped up a kid and fed him to the croc.

    that, or this whole thing is freakin' fake.

  30. Anonymous12:18 pm

    This is very sad for me even though he was not my child. I'd die if I was his parent.

  31. Anonymous8:05 am

    I do have sympathy for the family, but what good is it to kill the crocodile when the damage had already been done? Killing one crocodile isn't going to solve the problem of people being killed by them, there are other crocodiles out there. it's happened before, and it will happen again. people need to be more cautious and aware of their surroundings. people kill innocent animals all the time but we don't get killed for killing them do we? why is it different for when a wild animal kills a human when it is it's nature? if the boy were still being attacked and there had been any chance of him living then that would be different, but he was clearly already dead. I give my total respects to the family, i just feel that everyone could have delt with the final outcome better.

  32. please do not, "la, lah, lo" etc.. at the end of each sentence, it is way too hong kong engRish, waste of space, no need anyway or as people in hk say, "lo leed" TSI LA LO, TSIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII

  33. utterly crazy, it's the kid's fault to swim in that river. what the use of slaughtering and burning the croc? they won't get any benefit of killing the wild animals. lame.


    For the Love of Christ, I want to come to the home of Every Single One of you INSANE people who is in ANY WAY DEFENDING THE RIGHTS OF A CROCODILE over a CHILD, and feed your child to a croc just to see how QUICKLY your IGNORANT OPINION WOULD CHANGE!! Yes, the boy should not have been where he was. Yes, the Father should have better taken care of his son. But to say that they should have left the Croc alone and not give the child who suffered a HORRIFIC & PAINFUL Death a Proper Burial is a statement that only people WITHOUT CHILDREN could possibly make!! Once a Croc crosses the line and is no longer FEARFUL of HUMANS and ALLOWED TO HUNT THEM WITHOUT CONSEQUENCE, they will naturally evolve to become Man Hunters making the situation more and more common. It HAD to be put down. You defend the Croc saying "IT WAS DOING WHAT IT DOES NATURALLY?" Well "SO WAS THE GUY PROTECTING OTHER CHILDREN FROM THE SAME DREADFUL FATE"! Period!

    1. Anonymous5:44 am

      Thank God there are people like you in the world with common sense and heart! Sicko people who think the Croc had rights! I can't even comprehend!!

  35. i think it was horrible and shameful to slaughter a croc like that, the poor animal was just acting instinctively. the boy should have been prudent.....way to go malaysia......a huge thank you 4 killing an endangered spercies huh!!!!

  36. Anonymous12:05 pm

    like omg can all of you have more sense than to feel sad for the crocodile? look at the dismembered body of that poor child. think abt how frightened he was just before he died. i shudder when i think abt that. i can never imagine how frightened that child was. the ultimate mix of horror and fright and pain he felt when he was still conscious when he was in the mouth of the crocodile. this is a horrible tragedy. yes i agree that it was partly due to the parents' fault that they did not take care of him properly and allowed him to wander off to such a dangerous area. but HE IS A CHILD. still so young and inquisitive. stop feeling sad for the croc. not like as if it is going to be extinct. if you feel sad for a croc because they are being killed for their skin to make handbags, then that is okay to feel sad for the croc. but being sad for a crocodile who ate an innocent young boy. that is absurd. wake up your idea man.

    1. Anonymous5:42 am

      I totally agree with you. Could not have said it better! Sicko people feeling sorry for this Croc when this beautiful boy died so horrificly! I bet they would feel different if it were their family member!!!

  37. this should a violent lesson to all about the law of the jungle.as tragic as it was for the boy and his parents,make no mistake!natural law as far as survival of the fittest goes;nature does not discriminate.young,old,sick,weak or even the strong;when it is time to fall prey to a predator,prey shall ye become.if you do not like reading this,then do not venture out or do anything.then you will not fall prey to predation!

  38. Anonymous2:36 pm

    There is something suspicious about this. I saw an article about this same crocodile on youtube. It was said they found the boy's head floating in the water not too far away from the crocodile. That's how people suspected this crocodile killed the boy. Well, now this article is saying they found the boy's head in the stomach. Also, when do you ever hear a single crocodile tearing off every limb off it's victim(and the head)before swallowing? And did you see how clean-cut the limbs were? Almost like they were chopped off by somebody.. Crocodiles are messy eaters. This article doesn't add up. Either it's fake or a murder is being covered up.

  39. Anonymous1:25 am

    Man fuck the crocodile, what about the kid


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