18 October 2006

Compulsory Golf Lessons in Xiamen University, China

Again in China, I derno why but China seems to have lotsa weird weird news wan. Not that i purposely concentrate on China mia news but what they do really funny sometimes.

Now this Xiamen University in Fujian. China wanna make Golf as a compulsory lesson, they assumed that if you play golf you will be promoted to "high class people" ledi then can make lots n lotsa money.

I derno what got into their head, maybe they should teach their students to be more aware of the surroundings rather than to make them high class people. Polution level in China is now at worrying level and yet this group or self proclaimed "elite" people is doing nothing about it instead they now promoting golf! LOL!!!

Or maybe they should make Business Ethics a cimpulsory lesson? I heard of countless stories from friends and associates about how they kena conned by businessmen from China and stories like this seems to be pretty normal nowadays but nobody seems to be doing anything about it.

Of everything they can improve on ... they chosen GOLF!!! DUH!!!

Chinese university in golf drive

Golf lessons are going to be made compulsory for some students at one Chinese university, reports say.

The president of Xiamen University in south-east China was quoted as saying it would help produce "socially elite people with the best education".

Golf, once frowned upon by China's Communist Party, is now enjoyed by the country's rich and powerful, and has grown in popularity in recent years.

One critic accused the university of "vulgar elitism", state media reported.

Zhu Chongshi, president of Xiamen University in Fujian province, said golf lessons would be on offer to all students in the next two months.

But he said those majoring in management, law, economic and software engineering courses would "be required" to take the course, the China Daily newspaper reports.

Who wanna be high class? jom we go play golf jom!


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  1. Anonymous2:53 pm

    Eh, recently u manyak Syok with 'Small Dragon Gal' ka? why so many Cina punya news??

    Post la Chun punya Cina gals here... sure your bisness wil be good good!!!


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