4 October 2006

Mooncake Festival, Chinese Tea, Peanuts and Lanterns

Since Mooncake festival/mid autumn festival is around the corner I wanna tell you all a story, a story that happened during mooncake festival many moons ago.

Once upon a time there is this fler call Ahpek, he got 3 daughters. The whole family were celebrating mooncake festival that nite, well almost the entire family .... Ahpek's eldest daughter went out dating with her boyfriend, but she promised to come back as early as possible to spend some time with the family before the day is over.

So everyone were IN the compound of the house enjoying the nite and Ahpek were enjoying his peanuts with Chinese LongJing Tea while watching his 2 others daughters playing their latern.

Suddenly this Ahpek got this weird idea of tossing the peanuts into the air and catch them with his mouth (he learnt this while watching Jackie Chan Movies) After a few tosses he got kinda excited and he now tossing 3 peanuts into the air and try to catch it all with his mouth at once.

Skali derno how come ... one of the peanuts fell into his ear, wah lau eh he fast fast ask his wife to bring out the "ear wax digger" and try to dig the peanut out, he tried n tried but to no avail. He even asked his wife to dig but after nearly an hour trying she gave up too.

At this time the eldest doter kambek with the boyfriend, the boyfriend asked them whats happening and why everyone look so panic wan? Ahpek's wife explaind to the young fler what just happened as if still knot get it out Ahpek wife wanna send him to hospital liow.

Then the boyfriend said :

Bf : Hospital?? no need no need! this one small matter only, dont worry uncle .... I can kautim for you! dont worry.
Ahpek's wife : Sure anot?? sure no need go hospital?
Bf : Aunty trust me ok? this thing i know wan ... just lemme try no harm wan ... very fast also ok?
Ahpek's wife : ok ok u try .. u try ...
Bf : Uncle I want you to releks ok? Later i tell u to blow, you blow as hard as you could understand?
Ahpek : yes i understand tenkiu ....

*Then the youngman poke 2 of his fingers into Ahpek's nose and said :*

Bf : Uncle Blow hard hard now!!!!

Ahpek inhaled kaw kaw and blow hard hard .. so hard his balls almost got inflated!!!Then finally the peanut flew out from his ear.

Seing this Ahpek's wife dem 9 happy and thanked the youngman :

Ahpek's wife : Wuah youngman you dem smart har! Can be doctor you know? Got future leh be doctor!

Ahpek : Lokter??? Lokter my KUKUJIAO LA!!!! You smell his fingers!!! You smell his fingers!!! Hes gonna be our Son-in-Law laaa!!!!


3 More days to Mid Autumn festival .... Happy Zhung Qiu Jie Everyone!!!

Update : Lotsa ppl commented they dont understand this joke, so i m gonna simplified it here;

1. Ahpek got a peanut stuck in his ear.
2. His wife tried to get it out but dint succeed.
3. His eldest daughter's bf successfully removed the peanut from Ahpek's ear by stuffing his fingers up Ahpek's nostril and get him to blow hard hard
4. While the bf's fingers is up Ahpeks nostril he deteced something that smells like chow-cibai smell laaaaa!!! Dats why he know the bf has been digging his doter lor!!!!

Diuu lidat also derno mehhhh!!!!



  1. You seem like telling from sexperience leh brader .... wakakakaka ...

  2. Anonymous7:54 am

    erm. tadak faham lah.
    soli ar. slow day today.

  3. Anonymous9:28 am


  4. Anonymous9:45 am


  5. Anonymous10:13 am

    Dun really get the joke le...u mean the boyfren poke his fingers "into some holes" and the father can smell it? If really, the daughter feel embarrassed one le

  6. Anonymous11:32 am

    Kiong Hee Kiong Hee Ah Pek!

  7. dun un really get the last line. xplain ar

  8. i think ah... ah pek did smelt the same smell from the youngman's fingers. Means the youngman played this particlar "hole" b4, where ah pek used to play with... am i right?

  9. Anonymous4:10 pm

    wakakaka..korek ledi never wash hands ar?

  10. sorry Wingz, still don't understand lagi....hehehehe

  11. Anonymous5:44 pm

    yeah i understood it when i read the first time ahahaa. coz if u link a man's finger to any of ur stories.. *erhem*.. always is tat one punya :)omg does tat mean i'm growin up too soon.! lol

  12. Anonymous9:24 pm

    so easy 2 understand nia
    memang chau cibai

  13. kakakkaka me no understand luckly got simplified ver =p

  14. those noobs they not understand wan lar.
    Best Mooncake festival story!!


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