8 October 2006

The Day I Lost The Keys To My Car

I was in Cheras Leisure Mall yesterday meeting up with Linpeh, Aceone and 9393 in our regular spot.

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng

Some of the food there is good and some are not, so u gotta know what you ordering and try to stay away from the noodle ok?

We all (execpt 9393) arrived at around 12:30pm lidat we dint wait for 9393 bcoz we cant reach him on his phone, 9393 arrived after 2:30pm!

We left around 3:30pm, everyone went their own way and as i was about to go into my car i suddenly realised "Where is the keys to the steering lock??" it was suppose to be together with my car's key but its not there anymore!

Yea, I derno why but the key to my steering lock seems to dissapeared ledi. I turn the car inside out and still unable to find the keys. Left with no choice i call back to my wife and ask her to bring me the spare keys.

Luckily she knows where i put the spare keys, if not i will hafta take a cab back to my house, grab the set of keys and go back to leisure mall to get my car.

I waited for more than one and a half hour before she reach Leisure Mall, I onlt took 15 minutes to arrive here (if i m driving la) ....

Anyway I lepak around leisure mall ogling at girls while waiting for her to coe rescue me and I just realised one thing .... I so long never lepak in shopping center with no objective and ogle ar girls ledi! LOLOL!!! Seriously its kinda fun if you are blardee dem free .... so many lengluis so little time ... *slurpss*

Yea I lepak at Kenny Rogers ..... Jom let lepak n ogle at girls next weekend again!!! Mahai i hope i dont lose the keys again bcoz this is the last set!!!

Have a great weekend everyone!


  1. Anonymous3:09 pm

    See!! I told you ledi!! you kept on looking at that red kaler mini skirt piao mei legs!! At the end you lost your keys.

  2. bought a chainsaw from leisure mall n cut it lor...onli need 2min nia...

  3. bought a chainsaw from leisure mall n cut it lor...onli need 2min nia...

  4. Anonymous9:06 am

    Why no pikture of the piao mei with the red kaler mini skirt wan?

  5. What lah, never share pikchures, only show two muffins. We want to see nasi lemaks lah.

  6. Anonymous1:21 pm

    Now I know both Google's founders are so hamsap like Wingz!

    See how they come out with the name "go ogle!" !!

  7. hahaha..Aceone he not only look that kaler mini skirt ..he later chase that girl and drop the key la


  8. Wah, you go makan and didn't invite me ah??? how can??????

  9. Anonymous3:46 pm

    nabeh, the last time, was that u couldnt find ur car ... this time u lost ur lock key ...

    bad omen bad omen ...

  10. Mahai....see? If your balls are detachable, you would prolly loose them too. lOL

  11. haiz..too bad can't make the appointment time. sad sad.


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