11 October 2006

The Best Way To Keep Your Pizza Warm

You know how Pizzza hut got their own "high-tech THERMOS BAG" bag that could keep your pizza sizzling hot even after they go around the whole of KL with it?

Well we at LinCockWingz Institute just came out with out own THERMOS BAG, after hours and hours of researches we finally came out with our own version of THERMOS BAG and we even commissioned Ahpek's pizza in Port Dickson to test drive the effectiveness of our THERMOS BAG.

The major selling point of our THERMOS BAG is eco friendly, no amount of asbestos are being use innit, made of 100% biadegradable materials and even the energy are renewable too, so this is a seriously a eco frienly THERMOS BAG that could keep your food warm for hours!!!

Below is an illustration of how effective our products is, pay close attention to the conversation ok?

We called our new invention "SPRING BAG" aka "CHUN TOYS" . To place an order call the number on your screen now!

Call now and get a pair of NUTBRA for FREE !!!

For more informations on NUTBRA please click HERE!

This has been anoder community message brought to you by Rojaks Daily....


  1. Anonymous12:57 am

    Freaking hilarious. I sure won't want the nutbra though :P

  2. Anonymous1:47 am


  3. LOL. "Spring bag"?! Wat a good name and method to keep thing warm..But if night, cannot delivery lo.

    Wind blow inside pants, kkc will get cold

  4. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!
    Like that also can ah? Who dare to eat?

  5. Anonymous1:42 pm

    Nut-warm chicken wings. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHA~

  6. Anonymous2:34 pm

    hahaha but i tot ppl say the spring pocket usually has lower temperature than normal body temperature?? hmm

  7. why cal it spring bag?

  8. Anonymous3:05 pm

    hmm.. he kept Wingz in his nutbra ar? :P

  9. ray : u can keep the nutsbra for later years wat? lol

    youngbrat : why at nite got win blow inside kkc wan??

    kenny ng: got added sepsel aroma wan~~

    chapree: notonly nuts warmed ... also got nuts smells wan!!! lol

    xer0 : i thot spring bag is hotter than the rest of the body part??

    u-jean : spring is "chun" in mandarin bag is "tai" in mandarin ... spiring bag = chun tai

    cincau : no noooo not wingz!!!

  10. Anonymous8:37 pm

    errr errr if cun cun cun cun chicks deliver wan i will take kah ... but under the ketiak cannot la ...


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