5 October 2006

China's Latest Delicacy : CHEAP Fried Chicken

China are well known for being able to produce "cheap" products. No one can deny that anymore, Dollar shops are mushrooming in USA and UK (similar to our RM2 shop in Malaysia) all thanks to China made products.

Sometime I asked myself, how can they made it so cheap? I mean i myself also got some experiences in manufacturing processes but I still do not know how the hell they could produce a screwdriver for less than RM2.

Before that I thot they got kinda secret weapon of some kinda goverment subsidy lar thats why can be so cheap but blardy hell!!! After learning that this Chinese businessmen is willing to poison the whole national river just so that they could earn lotsa money suddenly i realised why they can produce cheap products as this.

Now, thats on products ... today we got something on food! If you are in China, try to stay away from cheap fried chicken ok? HECK try not to eat any chicken at all! Why? I'll tell you why .... infact I'll do more than telling you! I'll show you why!!!

The Story :

There is this brader, early early he ride his bike to go around all the chicken farms looking for a good deal. What is he looking for?

He is actually looking for cheap chicken, why cheap chicken? Well ... if the chicken got sick its worthless to the farmer rite? and this guy go around all the chicken farms looking for sick and dead chicken buing them at only RMB1 each (RM0.50)

These carcasses are then being store at the front yard of this chinese house, waiting to be processed. Yea its freaking dirty but what can you ask for la??!!! those are dead chicken you know?

Not all chicken are dead, some are only half dead or prolly a chinese zombie chicken like the one standing at the side of the entrance there! (Kiong see kai - ginger minced chicken)

These carcasses are then de-feathered by soaking them into a rusty wok filled with hot water.

Feathers plucking experts!!

They will then slaughter the "chicken" and seperates the organs from the body

The "chicken" will be transfered here for the "cleaning process" I doubt those water in the sink are able to clean these "chicken" at all, looks like the water will further contaminate the "chicken"!!! just look at the wall there! look at those gory stuffs covering the wall!! WTF!!!!

This is the part where they spray colors on the "chicken" to make them looks like they were marinated lidat, the whole thing are done on the filthy floor and look at the fler wearing slippers. He dont even wanna walk on the floor barefooted and they expect us to eat this "chicken"??!!!! wuah MCH!!!

This is the final product!!!! Look at it!!!! Look carefully!!! you cant tell the different!!! this is then fried and sold to restaurants for RMB9 each (RM4.50)

So, the nest time you are in China, you still got balls to eat Chicken anot?

Chicken rice for lunch anyone??

the kinda things a Chinaman wont do for money .... you will be surpised!


  1. Anonymous2:12 pm

    Taikor don bocor my secrets lah likat kennot cari makan liao

  2. eh eh... i just got this email too... scary hor?

  3. Anonymous2:47 pm

    how the hell were those pictures taken....

    yor..so gory..how to eat chickens like that....

  4. Anonymous3:34 pm

    wei don't buy or eat eggs as well... still remember the fake eggs they make?

  5. Anonymous4:38 pm


  6. Anonymous5:10 pm

    haiyoo..i malu lah.. to be a chinaman.

  7. If you are there, don't eat the fish too. They really pump a lot of chemicals into the fishes there.

    In fact, I've banned chinese-made foodstuff from my household a couple of years ago.

  8. YUCKSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS this really make me wanna PUKE worst then the time me got food poisioning....

    mahai....guess I will ban chick from my life =(

  9. akaiiii...better eat McD next time I go to China.

    Wingz bro, if you found out that BigMac mia beef patty oso made from sick/dead cow, pulezzz, don't post it wokey. Else later I die hungry at there.

  10. Anonymous10:58 pm

    chicken kenot eat. egg kenot eat. bread kenot eat. beef kenot eat. i think i just breathe enough ... wait ... air also polluted.

  11. Wahlau - so unhygienic ?

  12. Anonymous11:51 pm

    I'm sure the chicken processing in M'sia have some standard guidelines to follow. I wonder if the fried chicken sold at road side stalls in Thailand comes from dead chicken too, damn9 cheap RM1-00 for a 1/4 drumstick.

  13. Anonymous12:57 am

    i think bring our own meggi when we travel across internation border lor....

  14. Anonymous10:28 am

    niamahai, beh tahan with this china men ... damn kau cun their fucking brains

    you see the case with the fake coke ar? they refill the coe bottle with something which taste similiarly to coke wan

  15. Anonymous10:55 am

    arghhh vomit

  16. Anonymous12:33 pm

    ok, no chicken tonight.

    Happy Mid-Autumn Festival!!

  17. i think that is disgustingly horrid! almost threw up seeing those pics.

    This is one of the reasons why i always endorse vegetarianism.

    Sick sick eew eew eew.

  18. Anonymous5:30 pm

    woi, why so many days no update geh?

  19. Anonymous8:01 pm


    Do you know that your site is BLOCKED in China?

    I did try with many people in China, all can´ not open.


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