17 October 2006

Expensive Urologist

Note : This is only a Fiction ... this is not from a true story and Linpeh isnt suffering from any from of Erectile Dysfunction also .... and Linpeh is also not kiamsiap wan ok??!!! I no bruff you wan!!

If you have been to a specialist before you would know that it will always cost more on the first visit. I once asked them why izzit more expensive on the first visit and they told me because they gotta open a file for me and keep my records so its part of the administration fees.

Now back to our story today ....

The other day Linpeh was asking me :

Linpeh : Eh ... derno why lately my kkc knot get erection ler ...
Me : Wuah MCB! you telling me this for what?!! I not interested to know ok?
Linpeh : Farkiu la! no la ... I thot you might know some specialist that can help me la!!
Me : DIU!!! say properly la!!! MCB I thot u farking curly ledi!!
Me : Come to think of it ... I do know a doctor that might be able to help you ...
Linpeh : Who who??!! faster recomend laaa ... i dem desperate ledi ...
Me : ok ok ... hes a Urologist, a bloody good one too! but hes a bit expensive
Linpeh : err... expensive har? how expensive ar?
Me : For the first visit he will charge lu RM1000, then second visit onwards is RM400 per session.
Linpeh : MCB nvm la! pls gimme his phone number can?
Me: ok ok nah take this number down la ...

I gave Linpeh the phone number and he made appointment to see this Urologist whois also a frend of mine ... somehow its kinda strange bcoz knowing Linpeh dem kiamsiap wan buden he willing to frok out RM1k to give to this Urologist wor!

A few days later This Urologist gave me a call, he told me what happened during Linpeh's visit and how this kiamsiap Linpeh tried to avoid paying RM1,000 on his first visit.

As soon as its Linpeh's turn .. he dashed into the Urologist office and greeted the Urologist :

Linpeh : Good morning doctor! I am back here again!

The Urologist knows something is not right but decided to play along with Linpeh. He asked Linpeh to drop his pants and cough ... after that he told him this :

Urologist : very good, you made tremendous progress since your last visit, just countinue the treatment and medicine i precribed to you on your last visit ok?


Update : I think this cough and sore throat and too much antibiotics is getting to me ... lemme put it in a much simpler way.

Linpeh tried to save some money by hinting to the doc that this is not his first time here (bcoz 1st visit to the specialist normally cost more one mah) The doc of coz know this but decided to play along la ..... he kenakan Linpeh balik by telling him "just continue your medication i gave u from your last visits" WHICH actually have no meaning bcoz in actual fact this is Linpeh 1st visit mah ... so where got last visit ngam anot ??


  1. Anonymous9:18 am

    Aiyah... lin peh make mistake oredi.. he should have shouted at the lanjiao specilist,

    "OI! Lokter, Your medicine last time no good lah!"

    He sure give him new medicine wan!

  2. bwahahahah.

    i got a joke for you:

    this feller damn bangga he got 6 kids. so he always call his wife mother-of-6.
    so one day they go party. then it's late liaoz, so he wants to go home. he call loud loud, "woot, let's go home, mother-of-6!"
    she damn bengang liaoz, so she shout back, "wokay, father-of-4!"


  3. wakakakaka... kedekut too much sure kena payback.

  4. Anonymous1:14 pm

    dun understand la.. but i know got "ahem" test la. the lokter will hold the gulis and ask the guys to cough to check the gulis..


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