13 October 2006

Transformers The Movie

Ever since Im a kid i been watching the animated series Transformers, sit in front of the Tv day after day waiting to catch a glimpse of the battle between Autobots and Decepticons and after learning that they are coming out with a Transformers Movie I been surfing for informations or perhaps some Behind the scene spyshots from the movie set.

TRANSFORMERS The Movie is set to launch on the 4th July 2007 and already the anticipation is high, people cant wait to catch a glimpse of their childhood favourite Robotics animation being turn into real movie on the silver screen.

The Transformers (2007)

The live-action Transformers movie has been set to open in the U.S. on July 4, 2007 and is a joint collaboration among DreamWorks SKG, Paramount Pictures and Hasbro, Inc. DreamWorks will be the domestic distributor; Paramount will handle the international release through United International Pictures, the joint venture of Paramount and Universal Studios. The feature will be directed by Michael Bay from a screenplay being written by Alex Kurtzman and Roberto Orci. Steven Spielberg is the executive producer of the film, with Lorenzo di Bonaventura, Tom DeSanto and Don Murphy serving as co-executive producers.

Shia LaBeouf is to star as the lead human character "Sam Witwicky" in the film with Josh Duhamel, Tyrese Gibson, and Megan Fox in supporting roles. Cameos for the film include Bernie Mac and Dane Cook. At the 2006 San Diego Comic-Con, it was announced that Peter Cullen (the original G1 voice actor who played Optimus Prime) will once again play the voice of Optimus Prime.

It is expected that the release of a new movie will involve the production and release of associated toys from Takara and Hasbro. It is known that a few prototype toys have been created, notably Starscream and the new Decepticon Blackout. The prototype artwork in the movie of the Transformers "Starscream" and "Megatron" have been shown to the public, as well as the movie trailer.

These two prototype designs are very different from the Generation 1 counterparts and caused much disappointed uproar and protest from the Transformers fanbase. Many G1 Transformers fans have threatened that they will boycott the movie if the characters are not redesigned to reflect the Generation 1 originals as closely as possible. Megatron's design in particular looks completely different from the Generation 1 original, which used to be a blocky robot which transforms into a Walther P38 with curved lines on the robot helmet. The new Megatron in the movie is still silver-colored, but it is an alien-style robot instead and has many razor-like muscle tones all over his body.


There are a few changes in the movie compares to the original version we used to watch, for instance :

The the original series of Transformers Bumblebee is suppose to be a Volkswagon Beetle (if you are not too sure which one is Bumblebee then look at the pic below) rite?

In Transformers the movie Bumblebee is a Camaro, Chevy. The picture below is Bumblebee in Vehicle mode.

I guessed that its inevitable that some changes will be introduce in the movie but sometime when the changes are too drastic, it kinda took the fun outta the movie rite? Too bad Im not the director hehe ....

The photo above showing Transformed Bumblebee in Robot Mode, look at the size of this robot! Its about 4 times taller than an average human!

This is a spyshot taken from the studio where the movie is being made.

Optimus Prime :

Hes THE Transfomer!! Hes the hero of them all!!! If you dont know whois Optimus Prime then you definitely cannot claimed to be a fan of Transformers.

This is how Optimus Prime looks like in the beginning but over the time the started to add stuffs onto him, abit here and abit there making him bulkier than he already are. Nevertheless Optimus Prime is still the most liked Autobots untill today.

The Picture above showing Prime Optimus in Vehicle mode (a truck), this is the actual truck used in the upcoming movie itself.

The above two photos showing Prime Optimus fully Transformed into robotic mode. Its kinda new but its also kinda naked .... whats with all the skeletons?

Gimme the original G1 Prime optimus anytime!

I will still watch this Movie altho there has been alotsa modification compares to the G1 version of Transformers, I would prolly be watching the special effects and to see how the hell they managed to make this movie instead of going for the originality of the movie itself.

Let the countdown begin!!!

Pics source : Ahsoon.net


  1. I want! I want! Let's transform and roll out!!!

  2. Anonymous6:45 pm

    Haiyo... Why all those robot not like the anime one???? All become too fancy lah...

  3. Anonymous12:00 am

    My faveret cartoon evolve with modernisation??? I want the classic Transformers!!!

  4. Hey - I want to be handsome, so I got to read your blog, right?

  5. Anonymous12:29 pm

    i wonder if they would create some sexy female robots with big "Car Head Light" !?


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