18 October 2006

Cure for Red Rashes on Private Parts

This is a continuation of yesterday's story, if you havent read it yet you can read it HERE. If you dont read it you might not know what i am talking about.

Linpeh went to see the Urologist again, this time he suspect he kena STD (sexually transmitted diseases) from the piao mei he book last week.

When Linpeh's turn is up he straight walk into the Urologist office, drop his pants and show his private part to the doctor and say :

Linpeh : Doctor I think I got STD! Look at these red rashes around my private part.
Urologist : Hmm ... where you got it wan?
Linpeh : Last week I book this piao mei go happy for 2 days lor .... I dint use condom ... so ...
Urologist : Last week huh? but from the look of it, I dont think its STD. Tell you what, take this cream, apply twice a day and come again in two days time to lemme take a look at it ok?
Linpeh : Ok doc thanks!

One week passed and Linpeh is back at the Urologist clinic again, as soon as its Linpeh's turn he walks into the docotr's room and drop his pants once again and said :

Linpeh : Doctor, the cream dint work! the red rashes is still there.
Urologist : Got itchiness or not?
Linpeh : err ... horny that time got la!
Urologist : Diu! i mean when your private part not erected that time got itchy anot?
Linpeh : no wor ...
Urologist : then got pain anot?
Linpeh : No also ....
Urologist : ok ok I think I know whats the problem ledi .... here ... take this cream and apply once tonite then come back tomorrow morning, i wanna know the results ok?
Linpeh : wow! so fast can know the results ledi?
Urologist : Yar ... trust me ok?
Linpeh : ok ok i trust you.

Tomorrow morning Linpeh early early morning alredi waiting at the Urologist clinic, he is the first patient so as soon as the clinic opens its door he is the first to go in :

Linpeh : doctor, the cream you gave me yesterday is magic la!!! I apply this morning and the rashes is gone!! totally gone!!! You are the best Urologist! Thank you very much!!!
Urologist : See? I told you to trust me right?
Linpeh : Yar yar ... i no regret trusting you at all! ... by the way .... what kinda rashes was that har? is it STD?
Urologist : Nah .. its not rashes and it got nothing to do with STD also....
Linpeh : Then what cream you gave me yesterday??!!!
Urologist : Lipstick remover!


  1. Anonymous1:31 am

    aiyah! linpeh where got teruk like that wan...
    lipstick stain oso dunno kar?

  2. Anonymous10:53 am

    hehehehhehe know i know what u mean..

  3. wakakakakaka... LinPeh only want the piaomei do BJ?

  4. Anonymous2:01 pm

    Wakakaka..after BJ Lin Peh didnt wash wash KKC wan!! Lately, our honourable Lin Peh kena kao kao la!!

  5. Wahh!! Linpeh also made the iPiaomeis wear lipstick kah? Waakakakakaka!!!!

  6. Niama Fulatt ! all tiu 9 Lin Peh like FOC wan liddat. wait and see la. One day, one day.....


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