13 November 2006

10 Stupid Questions Tag

1. Close your eyes. What do you see in the bright?
Sohai ka? If closed eyes ledi still can see wan then close eyes for what? DIU!

2. What are the things you would NOT do if you are trapped in a titanic figurine?
If I m a farking figurine, it doesnt matter which movie I am in or what situation I am under ..... I dont think a figurine can do any shit! Do you even know what is figurine anot?

fig‧ur‧ine  /[fig-yuh-reen] –noun
a small ornamental figure of pottery, metal, plastic, etc.; statuette.

Its a freaking statue la!!! how to do anything?

3. Why do you think god created seafood?
So I can crap?? Seafood in hakka means a$$ ... dun belif u ask ahpek.com la!

4. Look at your watch. What was the time yesterday?
Eh ... I also have been looking for a watch that tells yesterday's time, where to buy one ar ?

5. If a drunkard Angelina Jolie come up to you and puke aik-cheong coffee all over you. What would you say to Brad Pitt's mother?
I derno any Angelina Jolie nor Brad Piss's mother but if u die die also wanna say i know them then I would say to Brad Piss's mum "I sold your daughter in law pukes on ebay for US$15,000"

6. Now slap yourself four time hard-hard. What do you see? (pls repeat this act till you see Something)
I see a sohai slapping himself just because a tag told him to!

7. Tighten your fist and hit yourself hard on the chest... Got milk?
This is getting sick ledi! Even if you punch the boobs of a pregnant lady also no milk will come out one la!!! mcb ... what kinda question is this?

8. If you were to go to a plastic surgeon for a manicure session, do you think I am sane?
Even if you dont goto the plastic surgeon for manicure I also think you something wrong up there wan.... this kinda questions also u can ask!

9. If Big Mac is BIG, why is there no small mac?
Small Mac is actually the current Big Mac 20 years from now, just like how KFC mia chicken shrunk ... Big Mac will be call Small Mac and another new Big Mac that gonna cost hell alot more will be introduce into the market.

10. Find a sampat word to NOT describe your tagger.
Kenny I think you too free and too long never TFK ledi ... dats why tag lidis also u sapu! buden again so AM I!

I tag the following :

1. The creator of this tag- i derno who (obviously this fler dem 9 free wan .... judging from the questions)
2. Kenny Ng (this farker also farking free bcoz this kinda tag also he goan do)
3. Cocka (I know this farker cant wait to do this tag)
4. Ahpek.com (this dog will turn this tag around and make a pantun outt it wan!!! u just watch!)
5. Satam ( he gonna kena hang ledi ... so let him lepas gian abit)
6. Osamak (Give him one last chance to play with Satam la!)
7. Bush (He is farked ledi ... nx term sure kena kick wan .... pity him let him do this sohai tag also la)

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  1. LOL... actually i dun feel wanna do this tag, but have to la if not ppl say i no give face ma...


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