2 November 2006

We need a new maid.

You, Me, We, Dinner, SOON.

We have set up a committee which consist of the best.. These people are, my boss wingz (well if he is not participating he will fatt lan char), HizeCool, Lin Peh, Kenny Rawks, Jolene, 9393, Aceone and... em em ... i know i missed out some of the committees but i cant help it if they ffk me for meetings....Anyway does it sound good? But, before we can even think about it... we need some people with some expertise. to make things..... Perfect...
This is Hizecool (right), Aceone(left) and Kenny (middle) with their outfit

So there's dinner and there's this place where we gather together.. what do you think? We already have part of the crew set up as above. But we just lack this few;

1. a Graphic Designer
2. Games Coordinator/Committee
3. Emcee

What?? you mean you dont believe me ar? you think i sin ka you ar? ohhh.... like that la now... ok .. well you can proceed to all the weblink above, including mine just to prove that we're serious and sincere. We dont have any physical preference but my boss does. Heck, who cares what he wants anyways. Most importantly, we do have to emphasize that it is voluntary based because we are all freaking poor. For those who are really interested, please email rojaks.wingz@gmail.com or togethergather06@gmail.com

In any case you wanna comply to my bosses wishes, you will have to be something like the below because he has a fetish for that. And, if you want to please send a photo of yourself exactly dressed like this......
Remember, have to lift skirt up geh.. even more authentic if your bulu kaki sticking out thru the socks... he has the kinks for that*psst*

Kthxbai and of course looking forward to hear from you soon.

Mahem ar.. i can see 377 people on rojaks.blogspot.com but none wanna volunteer or leave comment....


  1. yes yes people.. it's true 1!! go help shireen abit lar.. she kesian lar.. her boss damn demanding 1..
    shireen i gib u spiritual support!! :D

  2. Anonymous4:43 pm

    Yeah, I bagi spiritual support too sama lu olang!

  3. Lin Peh will be the security guard !

  4. frostier: see your yum chung face also i know u like this geh..

    crazy: u better make sure u come back for this...

    stewie: oh i know u can darling!! *campy

    bryan: yeww... spiritual wo... yewww..

    linpeh: u no talk so much la.. u fei kei hiap

  5. Anonymous11:40 pm

    wah shireen you are veri nice with that maid costum la.....

    where? the last piktures la

  6. Ermm...can i tag along? I wanna meet Hamhai Aceone. Hahahaha....

  7. Anonymous1:25 am

    I arrange table and chairs oni wat!!

  8. pisang: err thats not me ler

    sotong: come ler.... u can see aceone with all the leng lui

  9. Anonymous5:39 pm

    I', volunteer!

  10. i think i know how to handle the "MASUK" mia rubber stamp. you only nid to tell me where to put the chop - face ker, backside ker, nen-nen ker, etc......

  11. I like the baju ..muahaha...

  12. Anonymous9:18 pm

    planning event maybe you should ask calvin tay from calvintay.blogspot.com! he's got experience in planning events from interact :D he'd make a good emcee


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