7 November 2006

Doctor's License Revoked

Note : Actual Name and url of the person were changed to protect the innocent. Only those who are innocent ... those not innocent wan no nid to plotek wan geh! LMAO!!!

I overheard this conversation in a kopitiam somewhere in Cheras :

Aceone : Eh Kenny, you remember Linpeh?
Kenny Ng : you mean Linpeh that doctor?
Aceone : Yea thats him, I heard he got himself into some sorta trouble.
Kenny Ng : Yea I heard too ....
Aceone : Tell me what you heard? I didnt get the whole picture, just bits and pieces.
Kenny Ng : Linpeh got his license revoked because he was caught while having sex with his patient in his clinic.
Aceone : Really??!!! Damn! thats terrible! Such a waste!
Kenny Ng : Yea .. its such a waste indeed ..... Linpeh is one of the top veterinarian in our country you know??!!



  1. Anonymous1:43 am

    Wakakaka..dis time baru 'ngam la', Lin Peh like sheep wan.

  2. Lin Peh :tai lei sei lar...mehhhh mehhhhh

  3. LOL. itu kambeng mia hole syok kah linpeh??!?!

  4. I'm really curious if this picture was taken by yourself. Is this your friend ?


  5. LOL... Wakakaka... muahahaha

    LinPeh kena again.


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