22 November 2006

My Smelly Treasure Map Pillow

I dint sleep well for the past few days, I been having insomnia ever since my wife throw away my favourite pillow!!!

The pillow that has been with me since my chilhood! ..... The pillow with all my self made treasure map onnit!!!

She complained my pillow very smelly and she cant sleep with the aromatic stench lingering around the bed .... after its gone shes sleeping like a baby but Im the one who cant sleep now!

Die die ... the new pillow is just too stiff .... too high and smell so the artificial .... i want my pillow back!!! but too late ledi .... she secretly thrown it away without telling me :(

My treassure map all gone!!! the map i drew with my saliva since my teens .... ALL GONE!!!


Am I the only weird fler here or you all share the same experience too? How long would it take for me to get used to my new pillow huh?

I really really missed my old pillow leh!!!!


  1. lol..wingz' wife..good job~ have a good night sleep now.

    wingz i sing u the lullaby.

    Rock-a-bye baby, in the tree top
    When the wind blows, the cradle will rock
    When the bough breaks, the cradle will fall
    And down will come baby, cradle and all

    okay, can sleep liao right?

  2. u know what ? u same with my son la.. just wipe yr saliva on it la! U miss yr scent ma..worst come to worst ..peee on it la.. Hahahha

  3. luckily i still with my old pillow n bolster... kekeke

  4. LOL, Wingz so emo! My heart bleeds for you. I cannot live without my bolster, even for one night stand must bring my bolster. LOL.

  5. fai fai di go drool all over the new pillow!

  6. or spit to get another map. LOL!!

  7. i've been using my bolster since 6 years old & my blankie(my mom made it for me before I was born) since the day i was born.

    I'm now 21 years old.

  8. i've been using my bolster since 6 years old & my blankie(my mom made it for me before I was born) since the day i was born.

    I'm now 21 years old.

  9. Anonymous8:53 pm

    Haha... same here, my pillow follow me 26 years already. No one can tahan the smell, other than me.

  10. draw new maps again ler on the new one den u can get back to sleep lor...=P

  11. Anonymous11:16 pm

    WIngz... I also got la but my mom threw it away la!!! So I am same same like U to but now hor I hv my own bolster and nobody can throw it away...

  12. Anonymous12:20 am

    Wakaka..my pillow oso have map of many countries!! Next time bring your pillow to compare.

  13. Anonymous2:59 am

    kesian wingz but i always change the skin of my pillow. but ist i wash it then spin dry for mny many times in washing machine
    finally sun dry it...
    new but old

  14. Anonymous5:03 am

    guess no matter how old u did be, u still have your precious around u~~
    i have mine too (a MAS airline pillow)wakaka... smuggle out by my brother for me~~
    since a baby,i used to have a small pillow, but my mom hide it, like a dog i trace it and once again i behold my precious...but not long till my mum throw it away secretly...than my brother pity me and got a MAS-airline pillow for me...
    so for now, as long as it is a MAS pillow, i can sleep happily~~
    smart of him, cause MAS pillow can be get as long as u are flying somewhere with MAS-airlines~~

  15. LOL.. Old 1 dun go how to get new one?? Lost ard mai make a new 1 lo (since geography change ard lo)..

    Bring ur pillow evywhere u go, by ur side 24/7 for 1 week, sure ur smell is back..

  16. wu.canrou
    I mean like this :
    Guy : Your place or mine or Ritz?
    fake me : Doesn't matter as long as I get to bring my bolster.

    See? New lover oso not as important as the faithful lover.

  17. Anonymous11:12 am


    last time my mother also try to throw away my favourite pillow so many times but always fail.

    then one day she got smart. she told me that she will take it to tailor to repair my pillow and put in more fluff. so i said ok... mana tahu when she brought it back they put in so much fluff it doesn't feel like my pillow anymore..

    so now i dun sayang my pillow anymore... chow hai! kena con!

  18. MAHAI!!!



  19. Anonymous11:32 am

    eh wat happened to ahpek's site arr kena hacked arr

  20. Anonymous11:41 am

    ah.. this reminds me of my baby pillows that i hugged to sleep right till i was 12.. it was some sort of a security banket i guess. and when old ones became too 'flacid', i even bought new ones! but eventually i realised keeping baby pillows were kinda embarassing...

  21. mirror : you traitor!!! no side me!!!! u evil!!!

    sasha : but where got same wor? the old one i drooled onnit so many yrs lediiii!!!

    kenny ng: lucky lar u! i jeles!

    mossie : mch luff at me!!

    5xmom : wuah u ONS also bawak bolster ka??!!! u more addicted than me leh!

    wuching : how to drool 20+ yrs of saliva in a few nites ler??

    crazygrrl : u want help me draw anotttt?

    christal : you better make sure nobody throw your bolster and blankie away!!! they are all evil wan!!! guard them with your life!!!

    midnitejo : u wanna helkp me draw anot jek?!! kam we draw together gether ler!

    wennnn : guard the bolster with your life!!! let no one gets near!

    ace : mahai mine kena sabo ledi ... throw 9 jor! she see garbageman come fast fast take out throw!!! how to compare anymore?

    pisang : u mean pillow case ar? pillow case got change la ... but where got ppl wash the whole pillow wan geh?

    lov3b3rry : lucky u ...

    youngbrat : bring it everywhere i go? thats abit hardcore right?

    boss stewie : wuah your pillow case dem tragic leh!!! majiam kena kidnap lidat! u go UK got bring your pillow along anot???

    bullshit : keep baby pillow where got embrassing wannnn??? its call sentimental~~~

  22. Anonymous12:00 am

    My bolster lagi gengchao! You can only see the map when you shine on it using UV light.

  23. Anonymous7:27 pm

    My bed also got tresure map!!! Got my semen marking the paths and my girlfreind's period stains marking the red spot where the treasure is buried.

  24. How did your wife sleep for so many years before this leh?

  25. anon : wuah simen sommo!!! spare us the details pls!!

    bernard : i think her sinus problem just cured la dats why she can smell ledi! lol

  26. Anonymous1:54 am

    lovesberry! i do really like MAS airline pillow too! that cool! so..u can sleep as long as u got MAS pillow...which means...u got how many MAS pillow there?

  27. Anonymous3:57 pm

    I have a 12 year old bolster that I have been using since a toddler. The cotton inside is soft already, but I must hug it for a few minutes every nite before I hug my bigger bolster. My mom tried so many times to throw it away, but I will not allow it and I will also not allow her to wash it. Everybody says it is so dirty and smelly, but to me my bolster is the best.


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