6 November 2006

Dinner at a Chinese Temple

Its that time of the year again, every year father bring us all to this temple in Sungai Buloh to attend the celebration of "Keong Thai Kung" birthday at this Temple. This year no different .... the only different is this year I got a Nokia N73 instead of my sucky Nokia 6230 with terrbile camphone.

And these are the results :

First the Dinner :

Started off with Buddha Jump The Wall Herbal Soup with Black Chicken

Five varieties dish (seriously i derno what they call this one)

Steam Kampung chicken (which was rather skinny ... unlike me ... )

This one Authentic Hakka Dish (braised pork with black fungus hakka style)

Stir Fry Vegs with bean curds

Steamed Rice in Lotus Leaf

Steamed Rice in Lotus Leaf

Longevity Steam Buns (Paos)

The Peeples ....

A new kinda "peace" Sign ... Crab peace!

Lil Devil stuffing his mouth

Pouting Camwhore!

Pao Hat Lil Devil

Grandma and Aunt

The Temple :

Main entrance of the temple

Latuk kung in the background

The Dragon Chair

Dragon chair - up close

This is where we come to renew our membership every year. We bring our "Foo" and come here to get chop!

The Main Altar

Macro shot of Joss sticks

They drank this much Tiger Beer

*Foo - is some kinda Amulet/talisma in the form of cloth of paper, neh if you see those chinese vampire movie got those yellow paper sticking on the forehead of the vampire one leh! That one is "foo" la! What izzit called in yingrish har?


  1. Best post EVER!!!oneonesatu

  2. Anonymous5:19 am

    wah...food looks good, but thought they never serve meat in a temple??

  3. LOL... since when u kena that desease? Made ur own comment 1st?

  4. Anonymous9:46 am

    Oh, 'foo' should be amulet in English. I just got my application approved for the phone, going to get mine on Thursday. LOL.

  5. WHERE IS MY PHONE ??????

  6. Anonymous10:44 am


  7. Anonymous12:00 pm

    barger, black chicken soup you bluff me say 'buddha jump over the wall'

  8. Anonymous12:01 pm

    You got perform at the temple anot?

  9. Anonymous12:38 pm

    macipet you made first comment ... wakaka so lan gaypop meh ...

    mahai and u go taruk that made possible by n73 icon ... kau lan meh ... tiu u turning gaypop edy ...

  10. tux : the food is not as good as it looks lol ...

    kenny : its the new trend now ... u derno??

    ray : thanks! i'll remember that ... glad to know u getting your N73 soon! then maybe you can teach me a trick or two coz im a noob when come to taking piktures lol!

    linpeh : your phone is with u laa

    horny angmoh : next time i bring u along la ok?

    ahpek : but the menu there written buddha jump the wall wor!

    ace : got! i perform my eating stunts! lol!

    earl : mahcibai u derno wannn .... now its trendy if u komen own post! u outdated la!!!

  11. Anonymous2:43 pm

    Those foods look yummy!

  12. kanneh...ur new trend no jump wan?lol

  13. Anonymous7:18 pm

    wakakaka tiuniasing

    eh now temple got serve meat and alcohol wan ar ...

  14. Anonymous7:35 pm

    Ppl who play Maplestory should be veli familiar with the paper thing... Hahaha... It's known as Undead Charm in that game...

    Anyway the 2nd pic is more commonly known as "colded plate" (direct translation)... But in high class restaurant like Six Happiness it might have several different nice names but surely in the name will have a number indicating how many types of food is in the plate, such as "five happiness come to the door" (direct translation oso) Hahaha...

    Make ppl miss the food onli lah... Here evday chapatti tosai chapatti tosai...

  15. Waaa.. temple now serving buddha jump over the wall ar?? How much did you pay for the table??

    Ei, apart from your lengjai son, no other photo subject meh? Aunties and grandmas only ar?

  16. Anonymous8:17 pm

    Wahaha. I think I'm quite a noob also :þ

  17. Anonymous9:38 pm

    That anonymous was me, LOL.

  18. frostier : u dunno one la ... u so outdated wan ... this is the latest trend you know??!!

    huisia : u in china lagi more good stuffs to eat lerrr!!!

    ahnel : mch! u ask me jump la! later the floor cracked how?

    earl : mch ... this one is taoist temple la! not buddhist temple

    godr@ug : u in yindia now ka? got kari kambing what?

    helen : who else you wanna see jek?

    ray : so now its latest trend to compare who is noob-er izzit?

  19. foo not talisman meh? i tot amulet is the thing sebijik wan?

  20. i need to ask you ah.. your photo setting in the phone, do you set it at 3M or 2M?


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