29 November 2006

Tribal Chief Favourite Fruits

One day Ace, Ahpek and Boss Stewie went into the jungle to fish but somehow they got lost and couldnt find their way out. Later they were all caught by a group of cannibal tribesmen, who later threaten to eat them alive!

They pleaded and begged for the mercy of their leader Linpeh not to eat them, so ngam that day Linpeh dont feel like eating meat... instead he felt like eating fruit wor! So Linpeh agreed to let them go IF:

Linpeh : Ok la! Let u all go also can but today i suddenly feel like eating fruits .. who can bring me my favourite fruit, he will be freed!

3 of them agreed with this term and off they go into the jungle again looking for fruits as offering to Linpeh.

15 minutes later, Ace is the first one to come back.

Ace : Taikor Tai tai ... i bring you these sweet langsat I hope they are your favourite fruit!
Linpeh : Ermm... ok bring to me ... i want try!

Linpeh then took a bite at the langsat and spit them out

Linpeh : Ptuii!!! Kanneh!! sour wan!! Guards!! shove all this remaining langsat into his a$$hole!!!

As instructed Linpeh's guard begin shoving langsats up Ace's a$$ one by one till finish. Ace is screaming like fark with all the langsats inside his a$$.

At this time also Ahpek come back ... Ahpek bring along a few mangosteen to be offer to the Chief of the tribe, Linpeh.

Ahpek : Oh wise chief, i brought with me the sweetest mangosteen in the entire jungle just for you. I hope they are your favourite fruit!
Linpeh : guard! bring them to me! I wanna taste!

Linpeh then took one bite and spit it out also:

Linpeh : Ptuii!!! rotten wan!!! Guards!!! shove all the mangosteen into his a$$hole!!!

Poor Ahpek kena shove with mangosteen up his a$$, but instead of screaming in pain Ahpek beginning to laugh histerically!

Ace : Mahai lu sot plug ledi izzit? I kena langsat also pain like fark!! sommo kena mangosteen!!! u still can laugh!!??
Ace : MAHCHOWHAI!!! luff wat lan luff? Tell me la!
Ahpek : My a$$hole very pain but i kenot tahan la!! No matter how pain my a$$hole is .... everytime i think about it I will luff.
Ace : Think about what?
Ahpek : Just now on the way back ... I met Boss Stewie ...
Ace : Then?
Ahpek : Hes holding 2 DURIAN!!!

None of the above actors are hurt in the making of this story. Tenkiu ....


  1. HEHEHEHEHEHEEHHEHEHEH liulian?? ouch!

  2. Anonymous8:44 am


  3. Anonymous8:45 am


  4. Anonymous11:02 am

    hahahahahahahah.... wah good man poor boss stewie, I hope lin peh likes the lulian lor if not then boss stewie's ass is in trouble lor!! hehheheeh....

  5. HAHA my heart goes out to Stewie.. Hope ur kachui bo phua.. XD

  6. Anonymous11:31 am

    If one hand brings durian, another hand brings sugarcane, then he sure die lah... hahha...

  7. Anonymous12:03 pm

    hahahahahahahahaha funny stuff!!

  8. hahaha wingz u cibai

  9. wahlao eh... liulian ah? Sei ngang! LOL

  10. LOL, Bryan got dirty thoughts! No wonder I heard got sugar cane shortages in Penang.

  11. Anonymous7:18 pm


  12. ROTFLOL.......... CRAZY laa...

  13. Anonymous10:47 pm

    Wuahahaha..Boss Stewie cover your a$$ !!!!!!Lin Peh mou yan seng wan.!!

  14. sasha : dun let your imagination run too wild ok? later kenot catch! lol

    ahpek : whooo whoooooo???!!!

    wennn : but but i dint say anything bout boss stewie kena shove up the ass also wat??

    mae : haha your imagination also too rich laaa

    bryan : mcb! you lagi teruk than me! no wonder penang sugar cane shortage la!

    blueapple : heh thanks

    boss stewie : wat wat? i dint mention u kena shove up you ass leh!!

    kenny ng : sifat hoi fah?

    lilian : bryan memang hamsap all da while lol

    leng zhai : heh .. thanks

    dreamie : who crazy? linpeh izzit? lol

    aceone : your backside still pain anoottt??!!!


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