17 November 2006

Review Who? ReviewMe!

This post is sponsored by ReviewMe.com

Lately there is this latest trend in Blog advertising by this company call ReviewMe no, no, not Review You! its ReviewMe

If you do not know about ReviewMe yet then please proceed to Reviewme.com and read all about it.

The nice people behind ReviewMe.com is offering cash money to those whois willing to write a review of them.

US$ 25,000 to be given away! Fast!! Grab your chance before its all gone!!

This is how you could get your hands on their money :

First you goto ReviewMe.com and register yourself an account, they accept most blogging systems even blogspot account also applicable!

Then you will have to submit your blog details for approval, upon approval you can then submit the link/url to your reviews.

How much you will be paid depends very much on your blog's ranking in Technorati, Alexa & RSS links. The price ranging from USD20 to USD200 per review, good money for one post if you ask me!!

After registration you might even be assigned to do more review for other advertisers too! So be creative of your first review for that might get you more income in the near future.

I would look at Reviewme.com as a place where "reviewees" finds "reviewers" erm ... kinda confusing isnt it? LOL!
Ok, Lemme put it this way, if you got something you would like to get the feedback from a blogger, then ReviewMe is the best place to hunt for them.

Lotsa bloggers that i personally know already got themselves registered and begin accepting job reviewing stuffs assigned to them and the best part is they are getting paid while doing that!

Pro-Blogging just got alot easier!!! What you waiting for?? Go get yourself some pocket money now!

ReviewMe.com .... BEST thing since adsense!!!


  1. Anonymous5:31 pm

    woi, your blog got PR6, at least worth USD200 leh!! Wahh you kaya lah. This review worth USD100.

  2. ahpek - USD250 at least. Damn, like that can give me free ticket to the bloggers party liao hor?

    **HEAVY PIMPING** I got an assignement on the first day and so far already wrote two reviews for ReviewMe. Earned USD80 in one night, 30 minutes of writing. You say good anot?

  3. ahpek : no la! they offered me everything!!! 25k suma kasi gua! lollll

    5xmom : I wish also la!!! i dapat 10 bucks only for this post ler .... :(

  4. Anonymous7:57 pm

    10 bucks our ass. LoL...

  5. Anonymous8:28 pm

    macipet why all also got entry on the reviewme wan? tiu cannot get the cash prize wan la tiu ....


  6. Anonymous2:05 am

    Fuiyoh..liddat ..kaya la lu!!

  7. Tan Sli,
    You review Lin Peh blog la. Gua kasi RM0.20 ! OK ah ?

  8. gua kasi rm0.25 for reviewing mine.


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