23 November 2006

Child's Custody & Vending Machine

I was chatting with this lady the other day about how fragile relationships are nowadays. Divorce is almost a daily event, in fact it is already a daily event!

So, there is this couple, Ahbeng & Ahlian getting a divorce and also fighting in court for the custody of their only child, Ahock.

First it was Ahlian on the stand, shes telling the Judge why she should be the one to get the custody to Ahock because she brought Ahock into this world, she had Ahock in her for a full 9 months, she look after Ahock since hes a baby and taught Ahock everything he knew while Ahbeng just brings home the money and also herpes.

Then the Judge call Ahbeng to the stand to let him tell everyone why he thinks Ahock should be with him instead of Ahlian.

Ahbeng is abit nervous ... he stand there for nearly 5 minutes thinking of what he should say but still nothing came out from his mouth yet ....

The the Judge looked at Ahbeng and said "Well?.... Ahbeng, if you got nothing to say then we will award Ahock to your ex wife Ahlian"

Ahbeng hear that ledi lagi panic! He start looking everywhere for some kinda idea and suddenly he saw this can of coke on the Judge's table in the court room, it striked him like a thunder! Bingo! He thinked to himself.

Ahbeng : Dear Judge, I derno much about law and custody but may I ask you a question?
Judge : Yes you may ....
Ahbeng : Your honor, the coke on your table .... you bought from the vending machine outside in the lounge?
Judge : I dont see the relevance of this coke and this custody case, but yes I got it from the vending machine out in the lounge.
Ahbeng : Your honor .... if you put your money (mani) into the vending machine and got coke come out .... does the coke belongs to you (Ahbeng) or the vending machine(Ahlian)?
Judge : Case Close!!!

So true, so true! .... if you dont agree then next time dont buy coke from vending machine la! its not yours what?! LOL!


  1. Anonymous1:49 pm

    lidat oso can argue wan ar ?? LOL

  2. LOL! Only taikor winggz can conjure up such a joke! Very good!

  3. Anonymous2:25 pm

    SALUTE to you, brother. Really la, only you can come up with these jokes. LOL.

  4. Anonymous2:57 pm

    eyer....u say we're vending machine?

  5. Its the truth and facts.

    Latuk, u geng like dat aso can think of..

  6. Cipet...u dun bcome lawyer realli wasted la

  7. Anonymous11:54 pm

    Ahbeng : "You can let Ahlian keep the Coke. I'll go to another vending machine and get a 7-up."

  8. Anonymous12:33 am

    Kakaka..carry the whole vending machine home la!!

  9. janice : if kenot argue then loyar no more job liow la! everything also can argue wan! the question is how much u willing to pay only! lol

    pablopabla : haha thanks to the vending machine in high court la lol!

    lil ray : only once a while ... most of the time also lame jokes lol

    sasha : i dint say hor!!! u say only hor!!! lol

    youngbrat : truth lehh ... i speaks only the truth nuthin but the truth! lol

    bimbobum : who sexist? the judge of the vending machine? kakaka

    sotongking : too old to be loyar ledi lol

    sifu : lol skali kenot get 7-up but ended up getting saigon trumpet how? lol

    aceone : might as well take over the whole McD corporation! lol


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