11 November 2006

Tutorial Video for Pronto Condom

Well I blogged about the Pronto Condom which you can put on for like 1 second flat! Now they even came out with a tutorial condom teaching their users how to use it!!! NO SHIT!!

Tutorial from Jacob the Pronto condom expert!

If you prefer to learn from a female tutor, worry not ... we got Mantu to help you with that also! watch how she does it here on carrot!

PRONTO Condom! The Quickest way to put it on!

Ok ... we start taking orders now!!!!


  1. Anonymous7:05 pm

    HAHAHHAHAHHAH! pronto condoms! can i get them from 7E yet? it's damn cool man! nice one nice one!

    i just got a pack of free condoms from a goodie bag, and it looks like a dalmation! just that the spots are pink. check out the latest post.

  2. Anonymous9:18 pm

    That is FARKING FAST!

  3. gimme 50 sets please. tenkiu berry mach.

  4. wah , damn fast wey . but dun think it fits on me xD

    just kiddin

  5. really so damn fast!!! if i order oso dunno wat for... no chance to use it oso la...

  6. Anonymous1:26 am

    damn tht was fast!!!! bf will love it wahahha
    eh wingz don use ah.be productive ma

  7. Anonymous12:22 pm

    I go for natural wan!!hehehe..

  8. ahhaah that's fast!! nice! won't wast any high moment..


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