5 November 2006

More Sample Pics Taken with Nokia N73

These are few of the photos I took with my N73, Some of you might be interested to know what kinda Camera N73 comes with compares to some other phones.

I did play around with the new Nokia N70 I just received yesday, what i can say is the N70 Camera is nowhere near N73 thats for sure!

If only I can get my hands on a Sony Ericsson K800i, I heard the quality of the camera built into K800i is fantastic too but since i do not have a K800i I cant do any comparison.

Thats my Watch, Free from HSBC

Kids Birthday Party

Wantans ... MY FAV!!!

Wantan Noodle!!! The Best Food in the WORLD!!! EVAAA!!!!!

Closeup of spring onions .... Lotsa spring onions ... just the way i like it!

Curry Noodle, second best food in the world!!

Night scene with flash (auto)

Broad daylight (auto mode)

Another Free Phone ... this one arrived yesday Nokia N70

The backside of Nokia N70

So .... what you think of the photos?


  1. Anonymous9:07 am

    makahai. why so many people give you free phone wan??

  2. WAh` Free watch also so cool`

    how come so many free fons geh?!?! i also wan neh

    I also like loads and loads of spring onions on the mee!! :D

  3. give me the n70 lah if you dun want... the pictures, no comments lah, camera phone pic lor... :P

  4. Lin Peh First !!!!!
    Lin Peh wan the N70 !!!

  5. i want~!!!!
    my PDA phone kena pickpocketed.
    bloody hell. now phoneless di.

  6. Anonymous11:23 am

    2 cars in one lane!!

    Btw, FREE phone????

  7. Anonymous1:03 pm

    wah...all those pics taken with a camera phone?? "geng chau" man!!

  8. Anonymous2:08 pm

    macibai, how many phone u getting for free la?

    eh that food court is in Pandan Indah wan ...

  9. Anonymous2:15 pm

    Hmm, I guess phone and normal digital camera really cant compare lar.. LOL. But it's good, really. I think the phone's capability can still be maximised ;) BTW, smashp0p owns a k800i. Some of his older entries' photos were taken via his phone. Pretty good, really.

  10. i think the pictures are damn good! how many pixel is the camera phone?

  11. Anonymous6:06 pm

    hey wingz, i have pics in my blog that were taken with sony ericsson k800i (after losing my digi cam)

    the pics quality were fabolous, as good as nokia :P

  12. Hmm, looking at the pictures, I think K800i produce better quality. After all, they have Sony Cybershot's technology while Nokia is trying something new which they are not really good at.

  13. Anonymous10:56 pm

    All I know about K800i's advantage is in the dark, cause of the real Xenon Flash (which is the same as normal camera's flash), whereas Nokia still uses the normal LED as flash. So Nokia probably can take about 2-3m when you take pics in total darkness, whereas K800i can take alot more further. For the rest, the camera's pretty much equal. Video recording for K800i sucks, and Nokia N73 totally own K800i for that matter. Still deciding though, I somehow still prefer Nokia although K800i has the night time advantage :þ

  14. ahpek : where got so many ppl gimme free phone? 1 only mah! u go open new corporate line lar they will gibe lu free phone wan!

    a^ben : spring onion on wantan rawks!!! If you sign kontrek with local service provider they will give you free phone wan geh ... u derno?

    mossie : that N70 ar? haha u ask my wife la!!

    linpeh : diu u got N90 still not enuff ka?

    lisan : PDA not small wan you know??!! how could something so big kena pick also u derno wor??!!! -_-""

    bryan : KL here, 2 cars in 1 lane consider under utilised liow ... normally we drive 3 cars in 1 lane wan!

    tux : yar suma camphone took wan .. more kambing !

    earl : i got 5 free phone this time, 3 of them is Nokia 6070 2 x N70

    wuching : 3.2 megapixels

    sharon : Thanks, i seen those pics you took, they wre marvelous!

    jason : if you surf around the net, you could find a site that compares the 2 (namely N73 and K800i) it seems that both scored the same points in the eye of that editor ... nevertheless, i got no komplen bcoz i got it for free! lol!

    ray : for all i know, Nokia got this Carl Zeiss lens (whatever that means) and Sony tarak lol!

  15. Anonymous10:51 am

    wuah!! How come so many free goodies one?

  16. woiii...so mani pree fon no gib me 1 eh?

  17. Wah, you now is Nokia's promoter and advertiser...no wonder you het free phone!!!

  18. what the heck la wingz u simply flash also can flash Skyline GTR R34 on the road... i dun want your phone, i want that car ah...!!

  19. Anonymous8:06 am

    i got k800

  20. u suka wantan ka? Then u come to my shop i buy u big SUI KOW la!


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