11 November 2006

Jogoya Restaurant @ Starhill Revisited

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Few of us suddenly felt this urge to whack lotsa seafood yesday and someone suggested JOGOYA! It has been a while since we last visited JOGOYA @ Starhill Gallery and Linpeh told me the other day that they included King Crabs and Soft Shell Crabs in their menu now .... without delay we called the restaurant and booked ourself a table for 6s.

Today we got ourself a new secret weapon and we make sure the owner of the secret weapon come along, so we kinda dragged her out with us by force!!!

The "Secret Weapon"

We all planned to get off work abit ealier than usual just to make sure we arrive at Jogoya sharp @ 5:30pm (that when the dinner starts) and it ends at 9:30pm. That means we got a full 4 hours to feed our fat face!!!

Relish Floor, thats where Jogoya is Situated

Aiks!! wheres the numbers??!!!

If this is your first time in Starhill Gallery you might get abit disorientated once u got into their elevator, you see .... they dont use numbers to represent their floors ... instead they call them names. (i.e.; no Floor 1, or basement or ground floor) they have Feast for 1st floor .... Indulge for second floor .... and so on.

3 of us got there right on the dot and another 3 were about half an hour late ... we fark them no free! we go in and start feasting without waiting for them! lol!

Carpark entrance

I hafta take this pic to remind myself where i parked my car ... i got terrible memory, guessed age is really catching up.

Picture of some of the seafood aquarium in front of the liquid bar

Jab-penis food!!!

more jab-penis food!!!

Whole freaking scretch of jab-penis food!

Jab-penis Cock-tail ....


The first thing we do is to goto the tempura counter and whack all the tempura they got on the plate there. After that we send someone to wait there to whack the second plate as they fill it up!! LOL!

Our addiction for tempura actually started with this place ... there is endless supplies of them! how not to get addicted??!!!

fresh succulent scallops!

Another all time favourite kinda seafood - Scallops!!! Loads n loads of scallops!!

Err ... i think this is some kinda jelly fish but i derno what its call.

mini stove all light up!

before we all venture out hunting for food we asked the nice waitress there to light up our mini stove first, keep it all fire up waiting for us to come back with our hunt.

Geo-Duck with lotsa of scallops and veges

The fler who took this didnt know whats innit!!! KNN!!

Crab in Miso soup ....

The crab were not as huge as i anticipated it to be but nevertheless its freaking tasty! we order twelve of this dish!

something is cooking inside!

Another all time favourite! Mussels!!! unlimited supplies of mussels!!!

Salmon Belly

This salmon belly is special order one, if you not familiar with them you wont get this SUPER thick, succulent VIP reserved salmon belly!!! It melts in your mouth, not in your hand!

Grill Salmon fish head

Another dish which is not on the menu, special order grill salmon fish head! You tried the cheek of salmon fish before? Its taste like heaven!

Black pepper King crab - VIP dish

Only those with VIP voucher are allowed to order this King Crab in Black Pepper sauce.

Chinese wine soup with King Crab - VIP dish

This one so-so only .... the crab is fresh but the soup taste like one kind, prolly i m not used to those type of mushroom they used in the soup .... or izzit the wine?

Movenpick icecream!!! Switzerland ...

5 different flavours

Scoop all you want!! I just hope nobody poke their fingers innit

Wheres the scoop??

By the time we finished our icecream, most of us are too full to whack anything else. One fler even eat till wanna puke ledi!! She really goto the toilet and try to dig her throat so that she can puke!! EEWWWW!!!! cinabeng lu!!!

Next on the list is pastries .... which we did not took as much as all the other food, we only took one of each just to sample the taste only!



mini mousse cake - VIP only (which nobody eats)

Closeup of mini mousse cake

The VIP card owner

Thanks to this lenglui for providing us with the VIP card, without her we would not be able to whack so many King Crabs!!!

Snails!!! last pic for the road!

The Damages .... thats the price for 3 paxs

Im so full now I could hibernate for 3 days n 3 nights without waking up anymore!!! Thank god for weekends!!!

In case you feel like eating loads n loads of seafood also, these are the details :

Jogoya KL Branch
T3, Relish Floor, Starhill Gallery
181, Jalan Bukit Bintang,
55100 Kuala Lumpur.
Tel No: 03 - 2142 1268


  1. Cipet!!! Makan tak ajak!!!

  2. Anonymous6:33 am

    ....yala makan din ajak..dai lei fei seng sai

  3. Fucker...u really eat a lot wor ! Chipek...no wonder I called u also no answer my call ! niasing !

  4. Anonymous10:17 am

    Cipet, tarak mentioned berapa duit also!

  5. Anonymous12:22 pm

    ^&$%#@* go Jogoya nvr call me. Somemore VIP.

  6. Anonymous1:15 pm

    wah ... jogoya - kaya tu ...

    i was there also, the mamak at the back of Starhill - its called Cheapskate, no elevator wan, walk wan ...

    their selection of roti also very good ...

  7. how MUCH??? how much???

  8. when u wan bring me go?

  9. sotongking : i dont even have your number la how to ajak?

    belle : u also!!! i where got your number??!!!

    linpeh : so busy eating la!! fark u no free!

    bryan : luit ka? errr ... wait i go take pic of the bill 1st!

    gbyeow : mahem i told u all ledi .. been asking u all derno how many times ledi!! noone tell me they wanna kam also!!!

    earlku : mahem belakang where got mamakkk??!!! bruff kok lar lu!

    christal loh : wait har later i upload the pic of the bill ok?

    kenny : mch u so big ledi still want ppl to bring u ka? lol

  10. Anonymous6:42 pm

    wahhhahahaha rojak can really makan alot.. but y take so many plates 'bai leng' for pic shooting oni.. puiii.. wasteful n bei lui gung pek la.. :D

    but i oso drooling la.. :)~

  11. Anonymous10:19 pm

    OMg... Tht is really alot of good food... with a good price... =>

  12. Anonymous1:16 am

    kanneh give me yr email i send my number
    go where makan tag me!

  13. Anonymous11:38 am

    Wah. I want a VIP card. How to get one?


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