20 November 2006

Trip to the Bakery Supplies

Was blardee sick over the weekends with food poisoning ( i think it was the lunch or the muruku), I puked a total of 17 times and purged about 5 times, by the end of the day I cant barely walk.

Dint go work today instead I met up with Linpeh, KW and Tux over lunch and had lotsa kok toking. Tux just came back from Amadika and he bought me plesen!!!

Right after kunch on Sunday, we proceed to the bakery supplies store around the corner, I am outta lotsa baking stuffs so its time to stock up. Bought custard powder, cream cheese (to make tiramisu or make spaghetti sauce wan) mozarella cheese (make pizza's topping) Tart Tray (otherwise known as muffin tray) some flavours, ground nuts, high protien flour, all purpose flour etc.

All sorta trays are available here

I think that is vanilla powder .... i think ...

All kinda spices in powder form

flavourssssss mostly artificial one tho.

Pumpkin Seeds

After I bought all that stuffs, guess what I made?

My favourite, must have set of tools for baking (measuring cup set)

As usual, most of the time when you baking something ... its indefinitely that you will involve some sorta dough like the one in the above picture.

Also eggs is quite an important part of any baking process, without eggs most of the pastries also tak jadi wan.

This is what I made! Custard Egg Tarts! These are still raw and ngam ngam put in oven only. If you notice the "egg" part there u can still see your reflection, that means its notchet cooked.

These tarts are almost done, see no more reflections on the surface of the "egg" anymore? but since u got egg in the middle u kena make sure the egg is thoroughly cooked before taking them outta the oven. This is done by shaking the oven vigoruosly lol .. if the surface of the egg does not produce any ripple then the its already cooked. Otherwise keep baking for 5 or 10 minutes.

TADAA!!!!! 6 pcs per tray! Noticed there is one slightly burnt tart far behind the pic? well i was trying to make portugese tart and ended up burining the whole thing lol!

My sis said : Super!
My Mum said : Delicious!
My dad said : Abit too sweet otherwise yummy!
My Lil Devil whacked all the leftover tarts.

Me? I am dead sick lying on the bed! ARGHH!!! next week make Custard Egg Tarts again!!! I wanna eat!!!

Met up with Linpeh, KW and Tux today at KLCC, it has been a while since i been to KLCC, prolly I m never a branded person myself thats why there is no need to goto KLCC?

Anyway the lunch were at Madam Kwan's (its my first time in Madam Kwan's) yea i know i m a blardee jakun ok? the food looks delicious unfortunately I cant eat anything for the fear of vomitting again! But after they all seduce me with their food I beh tahan ledi and order myself a dumpling sup for lunch, not bad at all .... i would prolly go back to that place again in the future.

a shot from the 4th floor of KLCC

A see thru canopy showing one of the tower vertically

After Madam Kwan, this is where we go for our teh tarik

TUX's kuehs
(lol! that sounded so wrong!!! TUX is a guy ok? tarak kueh wan! kakaka!)

Present from TUX

Briot 2002 Bordeaux from Amadika!!!

TUX kambek from AMADIKA for holiday, hell be here for a couple more days ... we thinking of bringing him to Hulu Langat Eat Stik ... anyone want follow anot? We convoy go la! How? Leng mou?


  1. Anonymous1:35 am

    WTF. I didn't know you can do so many different yummy stuffs. Next time make some for me ah. LOL. Get well soon!

  2. Anonymous1:56 am

    you puke kar?.........
    got dizzy?.......

    then i think you pregnat oledi......

    waka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka ka

  3. Anonymous9:08 am

    i wanna go hulu langat..

  4. I WAN THE TAN TART!!!!!!

  5. Egg tart satu, kueh satu....mamak.

    Lai si somemore can bake so nice tarts, very kerng hor?

  6. Anonymous2:19 pm

    wuah wuah !!! u sakit perut also can make nice things liddis..KHENG AH!! wait till u no more LAI SI then can make more yummy things!

  7. wah!!! where u get all ur baking supply ar???? i really dunno where to get some stuff as most supermarket dun hv some specific stuff tat i wan......


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