18 November 2006

Top Ten Gadgets/Possessions This Season

Other than jokes, Rojaks Daily will also bring you information about lifestyle, fashion, gadgets and whats hot and whats not.

Today Lets take a look at the hippest gadgets/possessions of the season!

1. Keris .... who lansi to you, all you need to do is to take out this keris and show it to him like how lionel in thundercats did ... point the other end of the keris to the sky and say "Thunder! Thunder! Thunder! ThunderKeris!!!!" Every car/house should have one, just in case u met up with road bullies.

2. Mat Rempit, the future eyes, hands, balls, snatch thieves, mugglers of the centuries! Also perform circus stunts on a part time basis!

3. Sunglasses, very useful when you wanna hide from the public or paparazis. especially when you are ask to go meet who and who but you dont wanna go, you put this on and go holiday! No one can find u wan! Sometime u wear this sunglasses ledi u can tell ppl u r sick also!

4. CCTV! (applicable to Penang only) thanks to the ingenuis effort of some smart ppls now Penang Ahlians/bohsias are not so hardup for attention anymore. With all the cctv activated liow now they knew somewhere, someone is always staring at them!!

5. C4, this one self explainatory .... no need to further elaborate ..... KABOOMM!!!!

6. 18% Calculator with only number 1 and 8 ..... now you know why after so many time of extreme calculation the number is still 18% huh?

7. Castle DIY, this is the IN thing to do now, find yourself a piece of HUGE vacant land (it doesnt matter if you dont own the land, in fact its better if you dont own the land! Dont worry about it! they wont demolish your castle wan!) and build your own castle DIY style!

8. Bulldozer (this one also applicable to Penang Only) nowadays Penang requires alot of bulldozers (bcoz in penang got lots n lotsa temple mah, so they need lots n lotsa bulldozers to take them down la! Temple "without" permit wor! Castle without permit wont kena wan! dont worry!)

9.Artificial TEARS! Always keep one bottle at home or in your pocket! Best used in TV interviews or Newspaper Interviews! Can also be use in HUGE HUGE Assembly! Toxic free! Can use many many times per day also!

10. Confisticated Mercedes-Benz, everyone wanna get one for themself! Because of this trend there is a new word being coined also ... its called "tutup mata sebelah!" watever that means ....

There you have it! thats the top 10 most happening gadgets/possessions this season!


  1. Lin Peh wan the marsili...Need AP or not wan ? If yes....bokleh tolong kasi photostat satu ? ;-)

  2. acherly, there is still one more item. The weighing scale in my blog used to weigh balls. No matter which balls bigger also you get the 'equal' results wan.

  3. Anonymous2:52 pm

    hahhahahahahahah and with all this gadgets, you can defintiely survive in Malaya liao ....


  4. Manyak bagui ini post. LOL.

    But if include - SYT actress/singer/newscaster oso good.

  5. the title should have been top 10 gadget for Malaysian, not only for this season...

  6. Anonymous12:02 am

    me want that bulldozer...
    ha ha.....
    road bullies oso sked.
    if they lansi RAM them oni

  7. what about tear gas and guards?

  8. C4 look like that ah?

  9. Anonymous1:26 pm

    I wan castle DIY!! The new counselor is my kawan!

  10. Si heng....Mari-mari, listen to my podcast hentam itu Wanita of Johor. Kasi sapot sikit. But I bet u dun understand my BM lah. Never mind, still kam sapot sama gua.

  11. Lin Peh went sappot itu 5x podcast but really duuno wat cakap :-(

  12. wuuah, semua veli useful wan hor?

  13. Wah... i love this post. The sign of our times, lerr. Especially the "eye drops"... hahaha... hilarious!!

  14. Good gadget to own eh. Marsili & bulldozer is the best.

  15. linpeh : pls get in touch with your nearest "tutup sebelah mata" branch for photocopy AP ok?

    cocka : a balls weighting scale?? lol!!

    earlku : makai dun say all la! u gimme either one i also shiok ledi!

    5xmom : u missed out model from mongolia liow!!

    trevesco : haha u no i no ler ... draw piktures no nid draw intestine wan geh!

    pisang : smart wor! bulldozer if jual kedai besi buruk also worth alot!

    lucia : hehe ... silence doesnt mean consent ler ... beh tahan ledi then mai rant abit lor :)

    ainee : nope .. so far no tear gas n guards yet ... stay tune for new season mia top 10 gadgets! maybe got tear gas n guards ledi by then! lol

    kenny ng : C4 looks like platicstine wan ... can use to make action figure also if u dun wanna blow up stuffs lol!

    aceone : wuah that fler is your kawan ka? kaya la lu!!! can open satay stall ledi!!!

    nyonya : wuah without this gadgets kenot cari makan man!!!

    bernard : yar but unfortunately ... not a "good" sign of our time ... *sigh*

    youngbrat : u want marsilee ka? go Q up kat Jabatan tutup sebelah mata ler lol ...


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