16 November 2006

Who Wanna Marry a Rich China Man ?

Alo! this offer open for females only ok? Male no need apply.

Lotsa girls would dream of marrying a rich man when they grow up and live happily ever after, thanks to Cinderella and Snow White kinda cartoon for their bad influences.

In real life, how many millionaires out there per square kilometer? How many of them are already married? how many of them are straight? how many millionaires do you know? and the most important question is how many of them is willing to marry you?

There is this company in China that is doing just that, they introduce drop dead gorgeous chicks with long legs to the top eligible Millionaires in China (sounds like pimping isnt it?)

So, ladies .... if you think you are drop dead gorgeous with long sexy legs, this is a very good chances for you to have your own fairy tale come true!!

Flights ticket not included of coz!

China love boat for millionaires

China's growing number of eligible male millionaires are being invited to join a matchmaking boat cruise that promises "good-looking and desirable" women.

The love boat service is being launched in Shanghai later this month, according to the state-run China Daily newspaper.

It quoted organiser Xu Tianli as saying that the men had to be worth at least 2m yuan ($250,000; £130,000), and that 20 had signed up so far.

Yet he added that fewer than 30 of the 1,000 women who applied were accepted.

'Categories of attractiveness'

"Only those who were attractive in every category can take part in this event," said Mr Xu.

"Rich men are normally very busy, and most of the women they meet are there for work or business, which these men consider to be unsuitable for relationships."

China Daily also reported one of the men who had signed up for the cruise, who said "appearance is most important to me".

The cruise will take place along Shanghai's Huangpu River.

The wealth of China's 400 richest people has increased by 50% this year, according to the Forbes rich list.

Do you think those millionaires will gimme big tips for pimping them anot ar? ... mch I forgot my blog is banned in China!!! ARGH!!!



  1. I wonder why Rich China Man themselves dont want to find China Woman? =)
    China got so many female...comparing to the world =)

  2. Anonymous3:54 am

    m the 1st!!!
    sorry ah but y u got banned??
    can intro better man ah?i can imagine all china man looks like gonna die uncle fat fat wan yerrr
    i wan lengcai pluz rich..erm prince william ok ger.how?

  3. Anonymous1:36 pm

    Wingz Wingz.... I wan handsome and rich one can introduced ah?? U think I qualified or not ah??/ hehehehe...

  4. Eh, I still qualify anot? Proven, tested and satisfaction guaranteed to produce 100% boys only wor.

  5. i wonder if furong jie jie signed up....


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