4 November 2006

Woman 82, Stunt Driver

Let this post remind us men that we kenot look down on women driver anymore .... infact those women driver i met on the road nowadays are many times more fierce than a male driver!

The will just cut in without signal or indication, if you refused to let them cut in ... they will bang your car! Thats how fierce they are .... they are like the kamikaze drivers of this age.

In UK, there is this 82 years old lady stunt driver performing stunt in a petrol station. Full details below ..... Mch!! at 82 yrs old can still drive one huh?

Woman, 82, flips car on forecourt

An 82-year-old pensioner who destroyed a diesel pump and overturned her car on the forecourt is welcome back, says the fuel station's manager.

Suzanne Cordeau was trying to manoeuvre her Toyota Starlet closer to the pump when she accidentally hit the accelerator instead of the brake.

The car careered across the forecourt in Tewkesbury, and hit a diesel pump - knocking it off its foundations.

Mrs Cordeau's car then hit a kerb before turning over on to its roof.

She escaped with minor injuries, but it took a team of 12 firefighters to free her from the wreckage.

[Read full story here]

I bet she could drift too!!! with driver lidis who needs Knight Rider rite anot?!



  1. Anonymous1:41 pm

    LMAO. I thought what stunt :þ

  2. Anonymous2:47 pm

    "..looking forward to see u in NST, theSUN, star, etc."

    chezzie.chezzel: You want him to appear in the obituary pages isit? LOL.

  3. hahahahahah

    what a joke

  4. Anonymous4:21 pm

    The auntie been listening to Teriyaki Boyz - Tokyo Drift song too much ler...

  5. Drivers r supposed to sit their test again after 70. There is no upper limit but after age 70 renewal is necessary every 3 years.(UK)No one really bothers, n no woman tells the polis their true age anyway!
    Luckily she missed the petrol pump attendant--aka Wingz! ;)

  6. Anonymous10:48 pm

    but mos impotent ken she kum upside down onot ?

    if ken I 1 her now, will ask ace1 allange TQ !

    pay cod

  7. Anonymous10:48 pm

    but mos impotent ken she kum upside down onot ?

    if ken I 1 her now, will ask ace1 allange TQ !

    pay cod

  8. Anonymous3:54 am

    no lah.. what i mean is this

    "A well known blogger from KL had proven nothing is impossible by driving extra-ordinarily after being inspired by his post on Woman 82, stunt driver. Mr Wingz, 38 had created history when his Kancil flew above Shell, a dutch oil company. It will be a guiness malaysia book record by having a malaysian car flying above a dutch company. According to his fellow reader, chezz, mr wingz will challenge the extraordinary to bring top-quality news on his blog. "

    i bet 1 week after this, lil devil's edu fund can be your whole family's vacation fund dy ;)

  9. Anonymous11:01 am

    Can drive bull dozer anot?


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