3 February 2006

Wingz Can Cook - Chinese Sausage Claypot Rice (Larp Mei Fhan)

Hello!!! welcome to the anoder edition of Wingz Can Cook, today inline with Chinese New Year Celebration I am gonna teach you all how to make Chinese Sausage Claypot Rice (Larp Mei Fhan) and no, you dont need a claypot for that. Normal rice cooker will do just fine.

The ingredients are pretty simple really, and since we are still celebrating Chinese New Year, chinese sausages are abundan in every chinese household. For those who dont normally cook or those who are home alone this festive season, today you dont have to eat maggi mee anymore!! Wingz is gonna teach you how to make Larp Mei Fhan !!

1. Larp Cheong (chinese sausages)
  • a. Meat Type (red red meat color one)
  • b. Organ Type/ Yoon Cheong (black black, drak drak color one)
2. Larp Yoke (Waxed Pork)
3. Larp Arp (Waxed Duck) - if u prefer lar ... i hate this one
4. Rice 3 cup
5. Water as usual (3-4 cups normally) I dunt know how many cups of water i used to cook my rice because my rice cooker comes together with the water vs rice measurement.
6. Pepper to taste
7. Maggi light Soya sauce 5-7 chinese soup spoon
8. Maggi Dark Soya Sauce 1 chinese soup spoon

chinese soup spoon

9. Maggi Chicken stock granules 1 chinese soup spoon
10. Parsley & Spring Onions
11. Chinese Lettuce - take from altar one
12. Pinch of Sugar

*FAQ : why i used chinese soup spoon as unit of measurement ?
Answer : Coz I m a farking chinese la diu!!!

1. Cut all waxed meat (Larp cheong, Yoon Cheong, waxed Pork and waxed Duck if u want to) into bite size stripes. A note on the larp cheong and yoon cheong, remove the skin thats is covering the sausages first. I dont think they are edible at all (taste like plastic to me). If you have problem removing htme then try soaking them in hot /warm water for 5 minutes then proceed to remove the skin. That should do the trick.

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Waxed Pork being sliced into smaller stripes

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Skinless Larp Cheong being cut into smaller stripes

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Skinless Yoon Cheong also hafta cut into smaller pieces

2. Wash the rice and put them into the rice cooker, also include 3-4 cups of water for the rice also, then whack in all the waxed meat you sliced just now (Larp cheong, Larp Yoke and Larp Arp).

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Put all your waxed meat/sausages into the rice cooker

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Put all your waxed meat/sausages into the rice cooker

3. Now time do give your claypot rice some taste, first put light soya sauce all 5 soup spoon of it. Preferably Maggi brand one!


Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Put in 5 chinese soup spoon of light soya sos - preferable Maggi Brand

4. Put in the Chicken stock granules, like 2 chinese soup spoon. Preferably Maggi brand also !!!!

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Put 1-2 chinese soup spoon of chicken granules

5. Put in a pinch of pepper (suka hati lar u put according to your taste one) and black soya sauce 1 chinese soup spoon (for coloring only)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Pepper to taste

6. Mix the whole thing before you place the bowl into the Rice cooker

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

7. Cook for approximately 50 minutes (thats what my rice cooker told me)

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us

*After 50 minutes *


Garnish with Chinese Lettuce, parsley and spring onion... perfecto! this one canto says Sik, heung, mei, kui chuen (means a perfect combination of colors, smells & taste )

Image Hosted by ImageShack.us
Can wrap the rice with chinese lettuce and eat like spring roll *slurpss)

Chinese CLaypot rice in lettuce roll *yum yum*

Ok folks, thats all the time we have today, remember to tune in next week same time same day to anoder edition of Wingz Can Cook!!!

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  1. Hey you go The Store buy your things one har? Which branch...see if I can bump on you next time.
    And btw, you keep fingernails one har for your index finger? Aiyerr...make sure you clean your nails after you go 'make cake' in toilet har!

  2. I don't like lap cheong at all, but the end result looks delicious ... can keep some for me ah ?

  3. good and nice! but no good at all 4 high blood pleasure 1.

    that lap cheong are oledi salted lar some more you add chiken granules and lite&dark soy sauce? you want to kill some1 dude!

    you can replace with gula melaka 4 coloring...

  4. Waa...looks damn marvelicious man!
    Eh, Maggi commissioned you to write this entry is it?
    And that long finger nail is to dig gold wan ah?

  5. wah...looks delishcious
    OIIIIIIIIIII I Wan some i wan some unca Wingz!!!!!

    klap klap klap.....

  6. howsy : most of the time we go carefour but The Store baru open in sri petaling so we went there once only to check the place out. the fingernail is to dig gold wan!!! LOL!

    moz : u gimme address I dhl to you la

    cocka : I was hoping someone from maggi saw this and sign me up lol! wuah how u know the fingernail to dig gold wan geh??!!! u also got izzit ?

    PK : come come i cook for lu ... eh wheres ur blog lar i wanna read!

    wu : eh not only looks good but taste chun too!! lil devil wallop 2 plates! u say chun anot ? lol if u dun belif then u try cook n see la ... kejap only to prepare

  7. chen ngo sait hou em hou, tai loh?! :)

  8. barger, you taruh so many kinds of maggi inside, eat already die faster man. got taste like maggi mee onot?

  9. Yum yum. looks delicious. Damn hungry now. lolz.

  10. Niamah, you better than me wor. I cook the same thing but did not put the black-black thingie. I oso never thot of putting hai harn into the rice. Now I know. Tenkiu Cingz can Wook.

  11. wuching : cann !!! u kambek i cheng lu eat!

    ahpek : kakaka diu wont taste like maggi one laaa u dun belif u ask your bini to try n see la

    jayus : not only look delicious taste also deliciousssss!!!

    5xmom : kanneh sure anot !!! lu professional chef worrrr!!!! me chapbalang cooker oni lol

  12. Looks good. Eh, ur fingernail so long.. used to korek hidung 1 kah? haha!!

  13. wah! looks bely yummy indeed. !#$%^&

  14. eh no mushroom want ar???
    maybe i should you my version of lap mei fhan

  15. Anonymous1:36 am

    wah kam siah.. i can make my virgin comment already. last nite see picture bueh tahan.. went hawker centre and ask for lapcheong fan already. next time u tarpau some for me. tsk tsk..

  16. crazygrrl : what u mean looks good ? taste good too!!!! yar the nail for dig gold one lol

    mahaguru : teaste yummy tooo!!!

    yotheman : i no marney to buy tungku laaa .... u seponsor can ar ?

    siaocharbo : this larp cheong notchet sunat wan LOL!!!

  17. Looks absolutely delicious...manyak pro wor. But I hope you are not using China lap cheong. I heard they use dog meat to make lap cheong.... beagle meat?? Mana pebbles?? inside the rice pot?? lol

  18. after reading this (only) yesterday, i force my mum to make larp mei fhan for me to eat!!

    and she took only 25 mins :P
    kekekekkee yum yum

  19. Tan sri u damn good
    also got a very good idea from you eat with lettuce .

    Some suggestion

    * add some loo mie fan(rice use for lo mie kia)

    * add 1 spoon chinese cooking wine

    * add 1 spoon oyster sauce(but u must cut down soya sauce

    * add sugar to cut down too salty

    lol..I never try ..u try and let us know la good or not

  20. mch, not bad woh, rice cooker can cook lah like that!


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