5 February 2006

Weekend Pics - By the Beach of Regency Beach Resort Port Dickson

These pictures were taken last week at the Regency Resort Port Dickson during the 2nd & 3rd day of CNY. Hope you guys will enjoy looking at it la ... just wanna show off abit see got pretty girls wanna employ me take nekked pictures anot lol!

Windows in the Cafe

Thru the net

Shine thru leaf


Tube Rental

Beach ball on net

View from the sand


Rojaks Waz Here!!

Chinese Setti with garden view

Orange sunset

Sand n Sea (my fav shot!)

Building tools

Jetty at dusk

Painting on the wall

Grass on the beach

Hard at Work

Green Green

Chasing icecream man

Fly kite



Bolehland Flag


  1. Eh..the Bolehland Flag memang boleh har...such a disgrace lar...koyak liddat!

    And btw, you always go PD one har? Your son vely teh cute lar...

  2. Rojak's face leh? Mana?

  3. Not bad.... your photo skills are not bad. OK. COnfirmed. The *leang lui in my house wants to hire you to take neked pics. My mother said this she never tried before, so, she'll take up your offer and pose naked. (for the senior citizen Playboy edition) When are you free??

    * leang lui 50 years ago.

  4. howsy : artistic mah lidat ... yar my son cute just like his dad kakakaka

    5xmom : rojaks face knot show ... later got many stalker lol

    eric: nice pics u got in your blog

    helen : OH NO!!! not THAT lengluiii!!!!! help!!!!! lol

    alex : thanks

    yotheman : got lui but for my own viewing pleasure only la lol

  5. scb : i thot u mau ask me to take ur nekked pic gehhhh!!!!

  6. Yeah, yeah.. photographic skills getting better. I like the sunset picture.. Is the guy running after the ice cream man you? (then that photo taken by your son) Haha!

    Today my post also got photo!!! :)

  7. rojak wanna change profession now issit? wanna be pro-photographer!

  8. Eh wingz, That sunset picture you scan from postcard wan ah?


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