20 February 2006

How Big Is Your Balls ? The latest blogging Trend

Found this link thru n305er's blog. It seems lotsa fehmes blogger also got participate in this little ego game, there is nothing to be shame about. Bloggers are really egoistic bastards, thats my theory la maybe i would write about that some other day but for now i just wanna display my trophy here just to show off and annoy the hell outta a few bastards keep the trend going HAHAHAHA!!!

14284 EGO points CAN!!!11oneonesatusatu

Numbah 2 in the top of the EGO chart

See ? Mahai now i know I got big balls too!!! I just hope its not Hernia. Goan take the test if you wanna know you got BIG balls made of steel anot? Then post the results in your blog, lets start a trend here!!!

So, How big is your Balls ? :P Take the test HERE!


  1. KKNCBB! So fast kena overtake liao... :(

  2. *hanging head in shame*

    I am not egoistic! Yabbadabadoo! Only 8899 nia.

  3. waaahai... tai choon toi good ah?
    i go and try and see.

  4. Hehe like I said it's bull however.

    Try Technorati and Alexa, see who comes where then, that'll show who has balls and who doesn't :P

  5. my balls one big one small hanging on the wall..haha..damn funny

  6. Anonymous3:24 pm

    As what ShaolinTiger said, try get Alexa ranking. Its much show how popular your blog was.

  7. n305er : kanneh ... that ego meter fucking fake one la where can trust one geh ?

    5xmom : that means u not lansi looo kakaka

    Ahpek : tai choon toi kena go cut one larrr mana good ?

    shaolintiger :yar dunno how that fler come out with the calculation also. definitely a fake la

    9394 : one big one small kakakaka

    patrick : hehe i dunno what is alexa also but i m sure knot fight you one la

  8. i'm not egotistic either, only 8683 only wor! :(

  9. i have no ego. lolz.

  10. Anonymous10:11 pm

    wingz u r humorous and with a voice like jacky chan...and look like (this one me not sure yet lah)...


    nah..wingz..me today no kiong kan ur effort hor, me no rapist k ??!! :P

  11. bigger than kennysia's coconut =)


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