12 February 2006

Project Orange Chap Goh Mei

I told u guys ledi that I m gonna fix a net at the end of Klang river to catch all the mandarin orange thrown by those despo girls one right ? No ? ok lor then i tell u now laaa diu! lidat also wanna argue!

If you dunno wtf i am talking about, lemme explain. According to chinese tradition on the 15th days after CNY celebration desperate single girls/females/aunties will go throw mandarin orange in the river signalling to the guys gathering at the river bank that they are still "available". Then these guys will goan choose the one that they like and retrive the lady's/girl's/aunty's orange from the river. But then, thats long time ago la ... now got somany ppl its difficult to keep track which is whose orange. So what the girls did, they wrote their Tel no and email address on the orange, the fler who picked it up gets to get in touch with them lo. Ok lar since you guys alredi know the tradition now back to my story la.

Anyway i caught lotsa mandarin oranges, then I filter one by one and I found some of the oren throw into the river by our fler bloggers!!!! heh! penang, perak mia oren all also flow to Klang river sial!!! Fung sui master can bluff you 10 yrs-8yrs ... me wingz got prove one!!!

Nowadays girls very daring liow hor .... open open write phone numbers on oren n throw into klang river! some even got attached photo also!! Bloggers mia oren got blog url sommo!!!

U slow slow read for urself la!! I mau tido liow! ENJOY!!!

Oi!! ignore this above one! I terpublished this pic! this one i keep for myself one!!! dont call her!!!

If you follow tradition, last time girls will throw orange then guys goan pick it up right? now har, guys also got throw liow la!!! you see for yourself la!!

Then got this oren i found advertising his services in PD (Port Dickson) Selling "Screws" lol!!!

Then I find this fler doing charity, he sapu all the lonely girls and keep them happy lol!!!

Happy Chap Goh Mei .... btw wtf Chap Goh Mei means ? its hokkien aint it ?


  1. Anonymous2:57 am

    yes. hokkien. chap goh is 15,meh is night.

    chap goh meh is 15th night.

  2. Anonymous3:14 am

    Don't bluff! In fact, you collected those oranges along with KY at Taman Jaya lake.

    Go see for yourself. Wuahahha...

    Didn't know so many bloggers were there throwing oranges also. :p

  3. yes please email me thanks

  4. oi! i threw that oren in so girls can pick me up, not u lah! put it back in the longkang, later i miss my chance again this year! tiu!

  5. LOLOLOLOL, I go get some O2 first, laugh too hard, wanna pengsan liao.

  6. LOL...ur net so geng ar..can filter out rubbish from ur 'catches'.. i aso got throw wo..u din get it ar??!!

    Then mayb i used cheap cheap marker pen..Da ink all washed away by da air longkang..

  7. Anonymous8:52 am

    Cipet. I throw oren also you never catch?!?!?!?!

  8. Hahaha... blardy good post bro

  9. oi, kanineh! why you simply pick up my oren? i purposely took my yacht to klang river to throw one you know. now all wasted lah.

  10. Ah yes happy chap goh mei to u too :P
    Wah lau! I can't be so cruel liao :P But yes if anyone is interested go mail me oso :P

  11. decypher : thanks now i know what chap goh mei means

    bryan : KY rawks !!!

    suanie : why u no go collect oren with KY!!!!

    wuching : kakaka solilaaa guys knot throw oren one la .. unless u r gay la lol

    5xmom : u want your oren back anot ? i not young and hansem leh ...

    youngbrat : maybe you use water color to write kot lol

    fireangel : you throw at tmn jaya lake laaa that one under KY's territory ...

    inevitable : u got throw oren anot ?

    ahpek : i thot i pick up ledi then i courier kasi helen mahhh lol

    dsaint : u faggot!!!!!

    april : lengluii ~~~ I interested wei !!!! actually i arm luenED you so long ledi ... now oni u come my blog lol!

  12. Hah? I thot I signed mine with Ahlian? Anyway, you really have a great sense of humour inspite of your ah pa in the hospital. Hope he is back home?

  13. MUAHARHARHAR!! Niamah, me and ah pek 'talk heart' (gong sam) geh.... no money is involved.

    ** eyeing Ah Pek's 120 ft yacht **

  14. woi!!!!! this oren is my 94th oren.

    now i miss 1 chance already.
    rojaks pls throw that back to klang river

  15. Cheh, my orange also kena reject by you izzit?

    *merajuk* *merajuk*


  16. Anonymous4:00 pm

    come to think of it, luckily u din pick up my coconut :P

  17. bwahahaha.... lucky you never found my orange :P


    *slaps your forehead*

  19. freaking hilarious....lol till i cried!


    woOOOOi!! why no one tell me??

    Today is already Chap Lak Meh, dude!!

    Happy Belated Chap Goh Meh!! =)

    *pai seh*

  21. 5xmom : ahlian is my private collection one lol! father still in hospital but very healthy ledi

    helen : u dapat the yatch liow pinjam me !!!

    lmf : u still got 93 chances mahh

    scorkes : your oren i keep for personal use one lol

    decypher : where u throw ur coconut ?

    scb : durian notchet season laaa

    mossi : ur oren write what one ?

    reta : kakaka ok ok i give u back the oren

    sapphire : wuah better than buy ticket go in cinema watch movie lehhh

    cynthia : haiyo ... chap goh mei over ledi laaa ... where were u ? did u saw your oren ?? :P

  22. I threw my oranges in US now did it end up in Klang river wannn???

    Any drummers out there? he he he


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