15 February 2006

Where is your Balls ???

Valentine was erm .... i dont think I celebrated Valentine also, unless u consider eating at Pizza hut as a form of celebration la. Was too busy rushing around to make sure we gets to the hospital on time.

Lifes is not gonna be any better, judging from the "cabinet reshuffle", expect rough time ahead! buckle your seats belt!! tighten your belt!!! prepare FOR IMPACT !!!!!!!! DIEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! *sigh pls excuse me while i go take my daily dose of anti depressant*

Little do you know that Ahpek and Helen actually grew up together in the same village, they had been friend since early days of their childhood. Buden after they are all grown up ledi Helen dumped kaw Ahpek and goto "Niu Yoke" to kau qweilo, thats is actually anoder story.

You see when Helen reached her puberty, that time Ahpek still "Pak cham kai" (white chop chicken - no pubic hair yet ntchet reached puberty la) and he also never learn anything about sex nor he seen before the private part of a girl.

One day at school, Helen "period" come for the first time, Helen was so shocked when she learnt that she is bleeding and she fainted on the school's field.

A few minutes later Ahpek found her on the grass and proceed to wake her up. Ahpek then asked Helen what happened. Helen being confused and shocked decided to share her problem with Ahpek .

Helen : I dont know what is happening!!! I just know I am bleeding very heavily!
Ahpek : Bleeding ??? where ??!!!
Helen : *take off panty and show to Ahpek* HERE!
Ahpek : *check check* WUAHHHH!!!!
Helen : So how ? I scared leh!!! what is happening to me ??!!!
Ahpek : Even tho I havent study any Biology yet, but i think some bastard ripped your penis and balls off and left a huge verticle knife wound in between your legs while you are unconcious!

The "Bastard" who ripped off Helen's balls LOL!!


  1. Why your story got so gory picture wan? So anti-climax!

    But it inspired and reminded me of this song;

    "Rich girl wears a sanitary pad,
    the poor girl use cloth strips.
    But Helen uses nothing at all, she let it drip and drip!"

  2. oh! helen was a guy before! now i know lah!

  3. Ah Pek so "smart". LOL!!

  4. bwahahahahaa!!!!! diao ngia meh chiu cipet!!!!

  5. now, who is HElen? kekeke.....

  6. Niasing.....like dat oso can ?

  7. Laughing loud loud at ah pek and helen expenses.

  8. Why all the while Ah pek thinks AHlen got kkc wan ?, is Ah pek like choo choo train ?

  9. DNMCH. No wonder I like big boobs.. now I know I used to be a guy. Niamah, I'm losing out all the fun (the ohkau and giu ghai sessions with Cocka in Haadyai) because of that farkin guy who cut off my KKC. I've could've have been the President of Laubeh INc, the dai lou of cocka, ah pek, seng kor, Desmond, Wingz etc and the President of Latuk Lin Peh's vice ring. &*&*

    Wingz - it's going to be payback time soon.... Grr Grr

  10. I can't wait, Helen. Revenge time...
    make sure you 'hit' him where it hurts!! LOL

  11. let sit down and watch

  12. cocka : wuah mcb so bad lu say her lidat lol

    wuching : no laaaa shes not a guy!!! ARGHHH!!!!!

    crazygrrl : see u r the only smart one who get the joke. others just playing stupid lol

    ahpek : ngiah mei .... diao ngai jomakai ?

    mahagurusia : u dunno whois helen ?!!!! omfg!!!

    linpeh : latuk can laaa .... knot mehh

    5xmom : -_-" u luff so loud at them no wonder helen tulan me ledi laaa

    9394 : ahpek loves chicks with dick wan lol

    helen : finally!!! wuah i tried so many times liow to get u to write jokes bout me so far u no fark me I dem frust trying liow mana tau this time u take the bait!!! yahoo ahmah ngo duck jor la!!! eh apasal ur msn tarak online ledi ar ?

    king's wife : oiiii dun add oil lehhh

    kennylee : kns noder batu api

  13. Anonymous12:57 pm

    bwaaaaaaaaahahahahaah!!!! good one ah pek....lol :P so creative!

  14. Anonymous3:55 pm

    ahahahah omg!! I can't stop laughing!!

  15. Anonymous9:34 pm

    This is truly inspiring for young kids... kekekekeke.. you are great composer !!!


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