21 February 2006

AhLian Buy Curtain

I havent talked much about Ahlian before, most of the time i talked bout Ahbeng only. If you dont know yet, Ahlian is the female version of Ahbeng, very low IQ kinda animal and most of the time living in daze blur blur lidat one lol!

One day AhLian wanna buy curtain, so she goto Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman there, there is this shop by the name of "Kedai Kain Mei Ling" she always goto when she wanna buy any cloth. Because she comes to this shop often the taukeh of the shop also recignise her alredi. Upon entering the shop AhLian was greeted by Ahpek the owner of the shop.

Ahpek : Lenglui! buy cloth ar ?
AhLian : Taukeh! if not come here to buy cloth then come to buy condom meh ?
Ahpek : aiyoh! dun say lidat ler lenglui later i kena heart attack ... what can I do for you today jek ?
AhLian : I want to look for new curtain la
Ahpek : curtain ka ? come here this side got lotsa new stock just arrive one come choose.
AhLian : eh Taukeh i like this pink kaler one.
Ahpek : wuah good choice wor! how long you want ?
AhLian : 15 inches
Ahpek : 15 inches ?? what window so small 15 inches only ?
AhLian : I want make curtain for my computer laaaa, the curtain is for my monitor one.
Ahpek : Monitor ??? where got ppl put curtain on monitor wan ??!!!! siao ah lu ?
AhLian : LU LAH SIAO!!! U so old ledi u dunno one la! My computer hor got Windows XP one u know! so i kena get curtain for my Windows la!!!

Ahlian's Pink Curtain for her Windows

LMAO!! AhLian !!!!


  1. aiyo... lame oledi la.. last time hitz.fm always play tht joke la woi.

  2. scorkes : aiyo i never listen to hitz.fm one ler i only listen to 988 and myfm only ... so this one is definitely not from hitz.fm :P

  3. err.... ha ha ha ha?

  4. if AhLian use Linux, then she needs to buy a blanket, hehehe (see Peanuts cartoon)

  5. Anonymous5:13 pm

    if ah lian use mac how???
    have to buy apple everyday ar?
    1 apple sure not enough la

  6. Anonymous5:48 pm


  7. Poor poor Ah Lian.... now nobody can give daughter that name!!!

  8. I suspect this Ah Lian working for your company wan.

  9. If Ah Lian use Apple, she buy oleng ?

  10. You sure know alot of Ah Beng and Ah Lians..... lol

    Wonder if this poor girl is gonna cover up Dick as well. lol

  11. Oi Wingz, why you blog got "send money to India-over 30 banks in India" ads?
    You agent for indian bankers ah?
    Chettiar ah?

  12. Hahaz. maybe wingz is maniam got connection with india bank. What if ah lian no use windows and use linux?


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