15 February 2006

Back to Business as Usual

I know alot of you guys got weak knees today rite anot ? so those roses and chocs really did the job huh ? damn worth it right? HAHAHAHA!!! For those who didnt get laid ... too bad then, better luck next year!!!

Ok la all the bloody celebration is over ledi, there wont be any celebration or any holiday till April (I heard) so expect lotsa lotsa lame ass funny jokes for the rest of this month la.

Speaking of Valentine which really does relates alot to Sex, I got this short joke to share with you guys.

In the good old days when land are abundan, if a women die as a virgin they will write on her tombstone like this :


Back to today, because land is a scarce resources nowadays the message have to be shorten so that the tombstone would only occupying a small piece of the cemetary land, this is what they will write on the tombstone today, if a woman die as a virgin :


Now get back to WORK!!!!! what you waiting for ? Deepavali ka ?!!! HAHAHAHAA!!!!!


  1. so how was ur valentine's day wingz?

  2. Encik Wingz, Valentines day is about getting laid? ish, ish ish.... So did you? kekeke

  3. returned unopened! that means past the expiry date already. if open now, i think inside all worms and maggots lah.

  4. how can got maggots la? all sealed vacummed packed ma...got ISO 9001 wan la...sure got quality control wan...i am sure inside still preserved nice nice

  5. Wingz, your tombstone should be written like this:

    "Ashes to ashes,Dust to dust,
    here lies Wingz, with sand in his arse"

    Mahai, 2 days didn't come to your blog only got so much things to read. LOL

  6. the next one is.. "CHNEG BENG" ;)

    People will b ecarrying fruits, roasted pork/pig, play firecracker in cemetry.


  7. LOL, Cynthia is right. Next one Cheng Beng, we blog until the dead oso come out and dance! Bloggers sing song project again! What song ah?

  8. wuching : my valentine ar ? so-so only. nothing much interesting happening.

    mahagurusia : I think thats the public perceptions of Valentine's day.

    ahpek : kakaka u open the expired one before ka ??? lol smelly anot one ?

    scb : where got vacummed seal laaa, vacummed sealed ledi how to kencing ?

    cocka : ya la churned out so many post during chap goh mei and VD now lost steam ledi lol

    cynthia : ching ming goan play firework at cemetary ?? later all the ghost lari lintang pukang lol!

  9. 5xmom : i know jus the song for ching ming!!! u know that song anot?its in mandarin one : Wo deng jer ni hui lai~~~ wo deng jer ni hui lai~~

  10. Thriller!

    It's close to midnight...

  11. Wingz - didn't blog about your V day??? Returned, Unused??


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