10 February 2006

Ahbeng And Ahlian New Sex Language

Father got hospitalised few hours ago, dunno the cause yet but suspect its stroke related, pray for me ok?

Note : This is only a joke, it does not reflects any disrespect for any diabled person whether purposely or otherwise. Those who are easily offended with this kinda jokes are advised to stop reading and close this window. Others proceed under own risk.

This is another jokes that I learn from one of those Chinese New Yeat dinner gathering, I forgot who cracked this joke ledi but its sure from one of those crazy relatives that I got.

The Story :

Ahbeng and Ahlian are both deaf and the best part is they just got married, you see both Ahbeng and Ahlian also still virgin, so they abit kelam kabut on the first nite. To make matter worst both of them have to communicate with sign language even while they in the middle of having sex, so its little turn off for them.

Sign language

Both of them enjoyed sex very much and there are of lotsa complications arises whenever one of them wanna have sex with the other, this is mainly due to the reason that there is no sign language for "darling ahhh I wanna have sex la!" ( i dunno how true is this, i just telling u guys what i heard from my relative only. )

Very soon both of them got fedup with all the mess they hafta go thru everytime they wanna have sex and one day Ahbeng came up with this wacky idea.

*The below conversation are suppose to be in sign language but bcoz most of us cant understand sign language so i translated it into text for you ledi.

Ahbeng : Ahlian I know how to solve our problem liow!
Ahlian : What problem ?
Ahbeng : Nehh ... everytime we wanna have sex things will turn out very messy because you dont know what i want or i dont know what you want right ?
Ahlian : uhm ... so ?
Ahbeng : I came out with a way so it will be easier for us the next time we wanna have sex.
Ahlian : Ok tell me about it
Ahbeng : like this one, whenever i feel the urge to have sex I will pinch your left nipple once, if you are all over me and i dont wanna have sex I will pinch your right nippple once.
Ahlian : ok thats a good idea! but what about me? how am I gonna tell you I wanna have sex or not?
Ahbeng : Erm ... lemme think 1st ok ? i havent thot about that part yet .....
* a few minutes later*
Ahbeng : Ok I got it all figured out ledi ! this is what you hafta do, IF you want sex you pull my kkc once.
Ahlian : ok ... then if i dont wanna have sex how ?
Ahbeng : You dont wanna have sex ? wont happen guah ?
Ahlian : Yes it will! a few time alredi i trying to tell you i dont wanna have sex but i just dont know how to tell you only.
Ahbeng : *sweating* err ... ok ok (Ahbeng suddenly got answer liow) I got it! if you dont wanna have sex with me then you pull my kkc 127 times!!!



  1. Ah Beng vy clever ar..but y mus 127times ge??!! more or less cannot meh..or isit got any meaning

    *pray* for ur father.Hope he get well soon

  2. harr? 127 times? can tahan thaaaaat long ka?

  3. "when you dowan sex, use your mouth to suck my kkc 127 times" like that better, i think.

    btw, sorry to hear 'bout your old man. i pray for you hard hard.

  4. First, LOL.

    Next, I pray-pray now, ok?

    After that, hope you make your dad LOL and recover faster.

  5. 127 times? kkc also come off lor..

    hope ur father get well soon.

  6. *speechless*



  7. Anonymous10:47 am

    I'll pray for ur father too. Hope everything will be alright.

  8. Like Seng Kor said .. 127 times kkc also come off already lor LOL!!

    *Prays* *Pray* for your Dad's speedy recovery

  9. Hope your father is OK. All the best to you and your family.

    127 times?? Where got fair??... bet Ah Beng also can never thrust 127 times...

  10. Anonymous3:15 pm


    Hope he will be ok very soon.

  11. many thanks for all your prayers & blessings!

  12. 1 question...
    How ah lian want a sex?
    what the sign laguage?
    and what the sign that she don't want a sex?..

    ok la.. make that 3 question....


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