28 February 2006

Fuel Hike - What about them? Anyone Thought of them before ?

Lemme share with you the comment on previous post which I think pretty well in decribing the whole situation :

Maverick SM said...

It's not about fuel price increase coz it would probably add $50-$100 to motor vehicle cost. But the repercussion will be astronomic when all the other industries react to their higher cost and passing it down to consumers. Nothing can stop this tsunamic and spiralling effect.

Brace for the worst!

I was at my favourite mamak just now, the boss told me LPG cooking gas is officially RM24 bucks, only yesterday it was still RM19 for a big tank. Therefore todays Teh Tarik is officially RM1.00 an increase of RM0.30 from yesterday also. You will slowly beginning to feel the ripple effect sooner or later.

Ok back to the mamak session. I was having teh tarik with my chilhood frend ShanTao, he is what i call a snacks hawker on a motorcycle. What he does was fill his bike up in the early morning then park his bike in front of the school and start selling snacks and drinks to school children. After school start he will drive around the residential area selling paus and nasi lemak with his bike.

On a good day he told me he can make around 50-60 bucks, but during school holidays and semester break his income will drop tremendously.

He is married with 2 children, he is still staying with his parents so he dont have to worry bout paying for the house. His wife is a housemaker, so no income from her.

During our teh tarik he mentioned this to me :

ST : Wingz i think next time we knot come yum char so often alredi la.
Me : Why ?
ST : Everything going to be more expensive from now on, I dont have much money to spend on teh tarik anymore.
Me : Nevermind lar brader, nx time teh tarik on me ok ?
ST : I m not worrying bout teh tarik, I am worrying where to find money to feed my family ?
Me : ........

Yes, maybe you all dont realise it but there are still people with low income in our society. People that ngam ngam surviving on their current income and at the end of every month their pocket sure empty one. But that was yesterday, from today onwards their pocket will be emptied on the 3rd week itself, what about the forth week?? What they gonna eat?

Not everyone have excess money to be put aside every month, most of the low wage earner do not have savings either. What about them ? God bless them please!

Lets look at a different angle, now your salary is not as good as it used to be because of inflation. so you do what you do best, ask your boss for a raise. Your boss business also not so good because lets face it, our economy isnt going anywhere since last year. What can the boss do ? to retain his profits he will have to increase the price of the products which in turn will be passed on to the consumers. This will be a continous cycle untill the balance is restored.

The way I look at it, YES! The worst are yet to come! Get Ready and BEND OVER!!! we all are gonna get FARKED!

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  1. Anonymous1:44 am

    You don't have to wait until then to feel the impact, you can feel it right now too.

    Petrol price increase will be taken as a good reason to hike the food price, short say, the burden will be passed on to the end user, yet the dear PM is telling the world that by saving the Rm4bil in subsidy, the money can be well spent on development projects.

    Yeah right, who cares the development projects while ppl have mouths to feed on?

    But hey, wait wait wait wait wait, don't blame don't blame, you vote for them, LOL!

  2. Anonymous5:50 am

    ok, now this is really bad.

    It gave me a slap in the face.

    those development projects will only benefit the bumiputra contractor only.
    what about others???

  3. The ripple effect! The worst bit is when there is a hole in the system i.e. one guy cannot pay up and then the rest of the world will suffer. I can see our GDP dropping too as people will definitely start spending less.

  4. shitz. lucky i left the country when i did. in australia, construction workers get paid more than some managers. hell yeah, i'm gonna be spending summer holidays laying bricks!

  5. Anonymous7:27 am

    diula...my life no meanings already. i better just go die la. mcb to garmen. what benefit will it bring to the general public? shall we wait to see? but by then i mati lo...

  6. Anonymous8:07 am

    we have been screwed over and over again... please, ppl... make some changes, for OUR NEXT GENERATION... Come 2008, teach these looters a lesson!

  7. MACAUHAI, i tell u one thing. nothing can save the traffic situation here in malaysia. it is here to stay.
    it has been so many fucking years and yet nothing change. what about early increase of the fuel price? where are THOSE money? I have no shit idea about it. and now they claim that they will spend the 4.4 bil on public transport? come on la... u think us sohai izzit? the gomen will spend the money on the fucking MAS, PROTON and the rest of the sohai companies.
    we have live long enough here and we know how things work. so, do not treat us like an idiot.
    my chap fan which usually cost me around 4 cost me 4.80 yesterday ... and like a ripple, it will only get bigger ...

  8. I guess the inflation rate will be worse than last year and highest in two decades :(

  9. woopee!!! i got reason to raise all my hardware goods liao!!! woopeeeee!!! i somemore got lotsa old stock, now can sell at new price liao!!! wooppeeeeeeeeeee!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. I'd really like to hear about the so-called development projects.

    Why are we making the rich richer?

  11. Anonymous12:46 pm

    Maybe all the nice new up market cafes popping up, gahmen thinking Malaysians damn rich already.

  12. The root of the problem? Over population of course. There will not be enough jobs to go around.
    To those of you who think the opposition can do a better job, think again!

  13. Sigh if there is a will, there is a way.... people are extremely resilient one...in fact, much more resilient than we give credit to ourselves for.

  14. Anonymous12:56 pm

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  15. Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I appreciate if you could keep your comments abit on the light side. You also dont want because of your comments i kena lokap behind bars one right ?

    What I wrote here is only my personal opinions, my primary reason is to create awareness as to what effects the whole situation will have on us the public at large and not to whack the gomen, there are others blog for that purposes. :)

    Thank you

  16. Anonymous1:40 pm

    sori sori...i have not recovered from the shock waves aftering hearing the price hike of petrol. Peace!

  17. Wingz...you no balls meh? Muahahaha!!

  18. cocka : linpeh borrowed my balls ledi !!! the fler notchet kasi balik !!! kakakaka

  19. Anonymous2:29 pm

    Our PM said increasing the fuel prices in stages would only create more uncertainty and allow the prices of goods to spike at regular intervals, which would burden the public(NST March 1). In the same paper page 2 "TNB on verge of getting tariff hike" - now WTF is this!!!! well Malaysians, tsunami no 2 when TNB gets the green light!!

    And if there's any solace, TNB said those currently paying below RM23.00 (100KW usage)will be spared the tariff hike - siow meh -- tell me,how many Klang Valley folks or in general Malaysians, still paying below RM23.00 for electricity.

    I know la...maybe the gomen's concept is "chi pai thia, hoh ee thia thia" (one time pain, give pain pain la - literally in hokkien)

  20. On weekdays: wake up 3 hours earlier to take public transportation. By the time i reach, already tired. Low productivity.

    On weekends, no entertainment, no shit. Stay at home. Don't use your electricity also.

  21. AWWWW...I so sad. Ahpek wanna increase price for his screws. How to live without screws? I need screws or else everything falls apart. Diu lor...

    (eh, is this light enuff?)

  22. Anonymous11:27 am

    Yet with a power to weight ratio of 78.3bhp/tonne and weighing in at 963kg, the Proton Savvy has the attributes that make it one of the most economical choices on the road.

    Fuel economy in the Savvy is 5.3 litres (or RM8.59 at RM1.62 per litre) per 100km driven at a constant speed of 90kmph, which works out to 0.0859 sen per km. With a 40-litre fuel tank, the Savvy will cost you RM64.80 for a full tank.

    But even in a car as economical as the 1.2-litre Proton Savvy, car owners can continue to generate even greater savings just by observing these basic rules.

    # Share your journeys with other people whenever possible.

    # Make sure your petrol cap fits tightly, and buy a new one if your current cap does not fit snugly. Petrol can easily evaporate if the cap is not air-tight

    # Accelerate slowly when starting from a dead stop.

    # Drive smoothly and consistently using higher gears.

    # Switch off your engine if you are not moving.

    # Use your air conditioning and other on-board electrical devices (for example, mobile phone chargers) sparingly.

    # Shutting all the windows will make your car that bit more aerodynamic.

    # Look ahead three or more cars. If they're turning or slowing, ease off early rather than waiting and braking.

    # Park your car is such a way that you can later begin to travel in forward gear. Avoid reverse gear manoeuvres to save gas.

    # Traffic lights are usually timed for your motoring advantage. By traveling steadily at the speed limit you boost your chances of having the ‘green light’ all the way.

    # Avoid rough roads whenever possible, because dirt or gravel robs you of up to 30 per cent of your gas mileage.

    # Don't tailgate. You have to brake harder to avoid hitting the car in front, lose momentum and have to accelerate harder to regain the original speed. A measured speed keeps fuel consumption more constant.

    # Remove the roof rack from the car when you're not using them.

    # Plan your route. If you can, avoid main centre rush hours and road works.

    # Leave early to work to avoid traffic jams.

    # Before you start on a trip, ask yourself two questions: Is this trip really essential? Can I combine this trip with other trips in the same direction later?

    # Buy only the octane level gas you need.

    # The faster you drive, the more fuel you use. It’s a fact.

    # Use overdrive gears during highway driving. This also saves wear on your engine.

    # Use cruise control on highway trips if the vehicle has this function.

    # Avoid unnecessary braking and acceleration. That means no tailgating! This tip alone can improve your fuel economy by 5 to 10 per cent. Sudden starts and sudden stops are wasteful.

    # Unnecessary idling wastes fuel.

    # Avoid carrying excess weight in the boot or the car. The lighter the vehicles the more you save on fuel.

    # Keep your engine tuned. Engine troubles can increase fuel consumption by as much as 10 to 20 per cent.

    # Make sure your tyres are properly inflated and aligned. Check them once a month. Under-inflated tyres increases fuel consumption by 6 per cent.

    # Service your vehicle regularly (air filters, fuel filters, spark plugs, oil change, brakes, wheels, steering, battery).

    # Change your engine oil according to the prescribed oil change interval.

    # Check and replace air filters regularly. Clogged filters can cause up to a 10 per cent increase in fuel consumption.

    # Be careful and suspicious of any fuel-saving claims for certain devices or oil and gas additives. Even for the few fuel-saving products that have been found to work, the savings have been miniscule.


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