18 February 2006

Gathering in PD? Wingz can Help!

Back in 1997 I registered a room in MSN chat server by the name of #malaysia_chinese . Anyone reading this been there before?? I kinda lost contact with those guys after MSN close down its server in 2000

Was talking to Ahpek and Linpeh in msn then suddenly Ahpek mentioned something bout the PD gathering.

Ahpek : what da fark have i got myself into this time ?
Me : I can help! I got experience in organising gatherings wan!
Linpeh : hahaha oragnise trip to hadtyai izzit ?
Me : NOO!!! serious one!!! you wait i show you something

Then I go search online for some article someone post on the internet sometime ago.

Nah! see for yourself! this article came out in The Star Intech in Dec 1998

The Star Intech Dec 1998 (Click for larger image)

Back then in 1998 and 1999 i did lotsa gatherings both big and small for the chatters of the room to meet. Of coz its not just gathering but an evening of fun, games, beauty contest, jokes and of coz! Lucky Draw!!!! Winner takes home a Compaq Presario desktop ok!!! dont pray pray!!!

2-in-1 Gathering and Surpise Birthday Party!!

I derno what they are looking at

The Beauty Queen of the night! Lengjai of the nite of coz is me la!

Popular guys with chicks

Emcee testing the mic

James Bond Parody

The jokes is on Emcee

Group Pic!!!

Seen enuff proves ledi? Now I wanna be treasurer this time .... dont worry i wont run away with your money one KAKAKAKAK!!!!

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  1. Wuah, you very despo to get this done hor? I sapot 99, hengtai.

  2. 5xmom : no ah i just wanna run away with the monies!!! kakakaka

  3. PD? Aiyo... why so far... malas la. Heh! :P

  4. Can get enough chics or not ?


  6. Wingz, did you do any 'hand leg' to the pictures?? Why gam 9 moong ger???? Never mind, I know one of the guy there is definitely you.. so

    Rojakz fans.... this mission, if you should accept it, is to find the true identity of Wingz. As always, if any of you are caught, we will deny your existence..... (toture include subjecting the person to 72 hours non-stop hamsap songs and hamsap jokes....)

    This blog will self-destruct in 30 seconds.... 30,29,28,27......

  7. wah lau.. are you going to organise a gathering for rojaks readers or something? there might or maybe or definitely some hot chicks run to you "hey, can i have your autograph pls.. but dont kiss me." LOL

  8. Wingz...your name is Vnicent Lai ah? I know a Vincent Lai who owes me money leh. You the one ah?

    I second Ah Pek's nomination on your chairman post.

  9. scb : where got young ??? u old oni laa lol

    scorkes : i drive u ler .... stay with u also can!!!! *winks*

    linpeh : i thot chicks supplies under your department one ?

    ahpek : mahai u r the chairman ok!!! i just wanna be treasurer!!! dont try to hide! you farking staying in PD wan!

    helen : wat u expect ? the pic taken with a 1997 made punya digital camera lol its a sony digital camera that uses a floppy disk as storage media!!

    cynthia : autograph is RM10 a piece .. kiss is not for sale lol!

    cocka : kanneh u found me!!! mahai kena pack n run liow!!! oi me not chairman la u ask ahpek laaa i wanna be treasurer only!!!

  10. Wei, are you the moong lou wearing black in one of the solo pics??

  11. That fella with the birthday cake is you ah? Ya lah, must be you lah. Lil' devil looks like you what, right?

  12. helen : haha no nid guess la ... my pic i wont put one geh lol

    frostier : we is who n who ?

    cocka : no laa my pic not there in the post also


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