3 February 2006

James Bond and LOTR Hokkien Parody - Bloody Funny !!!

Outta boredom I was blog hopping and I come across this Movie/Video links in samsies.com these 2 videos are in Hokkien so any of you guys who arent hokkien there is also subtitles in Lord Of The Ring parody, but the subtitles in James Bond Parody are abit confusing, you hafta read the subtitles at the bottomest of the screen because the one on top if from the original movie. Even after you read the subtitle you also dont understand then you do like what i did la! Guess what the fler is saying lol!!! Quality of both movie/film not bad LOTR is of DVD quality!

Before you proceed I hafta to tell you that this isnt new, so if you guys watched it before then dont fark me okay ? I m abit slow in this department lol!

Warning ! : make sure you go shit and pee first, i dont wanna be held responsible if you pee and shit in your pants afterwards. Dont say i no warn lu!!!

Here you go, the short films with hokkien parody

James Bond

Lord Of The Ring

HAHAHAHAHA!!! HOW ?? ehsai boh ?? CHUN AH!!!

I hear rumours that these film are made by Temasek Design School Boys.... who or what are they ? beats me!


  1. eh sai eh sai!! cin ho chio!! LOL!!

  2. beh ho kua leh! liau si kan nia!

  3. lojak, lu chin sui ah....

  4. Celaka

    Watched b4 already 1

  5. James Bond kong hokkien. kok ai lim horlicks ei. lolz. Jing ho chio.

  6. i've seen the LOTR one but haven't yet seen the bond one.. LENG!!!

  7. Rojakz, have you heard of the hokkien "Star Wars" clip? The part where Luke and Darth Vader fought?
    "Luke.....koh lai oh-oh chit beng" (Luke...come to the dark side)
    Damn funny...LOL

  8. WAH LAU EH!chin hor chio!
    chio kaw wa pheng tae thor kar.....

    i wan to see STAR WARS ep:V in hokkien verson one..
    where darth vader say "Luke, i am your father."
    hokkien ver."KHUA!(look) wa shi lu eh limpeh!

  9. hahhaha...freakin hilarious!! i cant really speak hokkien, only understand it..but enough to laugh!

    Eh, as the Temasek Design Boys to do more!encore!

  10. Anonymous9:53 pm

    haiyah why load so long geh


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