10 February 2006

Its time like this when human turns to God

When things starting to look bad, thats when human turns to God for hopes.

I believe that most human are atheist until something terrible happened to them/ their family members/friends.

Its time like this we start turning to God for hope, I m helpless and lost. I got 1,001 "What If" kinda questions in my brain right now that required answers pronto! Its time like this you wish your brain will provide you with answers instead of more questions.

When I was staring at that entrance to the emergency ward, that is the first time after so many years I talked to God asking him to look after my father.

Soon after everything slowed down a pace, grandma organised a trip to the temple and everyone prayed for father's well being.

Even Lil Devil - "Kiong Thai Kung-Kung please bou yau my yeh yeh"

Brother's turn to ask for god's blessing upon father's condition.

Its time like this you will feel so vulnerable, it does not make much differences if you are rich or poor, famous or not. Everything else doesnt matter now, all we want is to have our father back, as healthy as ever!

Sis is worried sick and still stuck in Bangkok struggling to get ticket back to KL asap. Mum trying very hard not to break down and everyone's morale is pretty low now. I think there is enough suprises for this week, anymore coming I dont think I could take it standing up.

Life sucks so bad at this moment!


  1. I understand the 'what-ifs' phase is the hardest.... some many things unknown ... especially we're so used to be in control of things and now the frustration of not being in control. Just hang in there. It's not in our hands.... I know you're not Christian, but, no matter what religion you are, I'll share my serenity prayers with you...

    "I pray that the Lord will grant you courage to change what you can, the serenity to accept things you cannot change; And the wisdom to differentiate between the two."

    You'll be in my prayers. :-)

  2. And I got something to add : At times like these, you don't care if your God is who, wear yellow robe, white robe, turban or janggut, right?

    Take care!

  3. Jesus said if two or three pray together (I pakat with Helen, ok?), God will be there with us and grant what we pray for. Amen!

  4. Wingz, i will pray also for your father. May his condition will be better soon.

    But like malay people said, "kita berserah saja pada Tuhan, Dia yg tentukan segalaNya"

  5. Anonymous4:16 pm

    Hello wingz,

    You've been doing a great job posting real funny jokes to cheer up the readers' day.

    As your ever faithful reader, I just have to advice that there are ups and downs in life, and hang in there dude, things will be alright :)

  6. I don't pray much (actually not at all until, like in your situation, something happens), so I'll pakat with helen and 5xmom and say a little prayer your way. Hope your father gets well soon.

  7. GOD bless you wingz.....

    i'm also doing operation on 15th feb .......

  8. it's true about the power of prayer. even an atheist like me turn to religious friends for help (prayer) when i feel my life is fked up.

    have faith, wingz.

  9. Anonymous4:36 pm

    Take care, man.

  10. am prayer that your father will regain health soon. hang in there. :)

  11. Anonymous5:26 pm

    omg. i hope everything turns out well.

  12. i'm with you bradder. come what may!

  13. Get well soon, Papa Wingz! And BTW, why Pantai???

  14. Anonymous5:47 pm

    I understand what you are going thru.
    Be strong Wingz.
    I will pray for God's blessings for you.

  15. be strong my friend, u r in my prayers & GOD bless!

  16. hang in there wingz. hope ur dad gets well soon. he'll b in my prayer. *hugz*

  17. you also Take care brother,will sincerly pray for ur dad, What your surename? wingz?

  18. Anonymous6:18 pm

    Hope everything will turn better. :) If you don't have the mood to blog funny stuff, don't blog. We understand. :)

  19. Have faith, keep cool and may God bless you and your family.

  20. Hope everything's okay with your dad.

    Will be praying for you, God bless.

  21. In bad times like this, your family needs you most to stay strong. So chin up brother!

  22. sometimes times like this are better to be left alone, for one to sit down and reflect upon one life good or bad.

  23. Hey, you have my prayer!
    God bless.
    and take care!

  24. U are in our thoughts and prayers.
    Stay strong...
    Hope your dad rcovers soon.

  25. Anonymous10:44 pm

    uncle wingz,
    sorry to hear this. hope ur father gets better soon.
    i'll be praying for him also.
    hang in there man. it'll be good in due time.

  26. Anonymous11:19 pm

    You definitely have my prayer too. Cheer up, bradder. :)

  27. Got here very late today.
    Sorry to hear 'bout Wingz senior.
    I hope he'll recover soon, and be strong.
    Que Sara.

  28. We all find something to give us hope and courage when we need it most. And sometimes, it's just a prayer you need.


    Hope Wingz senior gets well soon.


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