18 February 2006

Weekend Pics - Koi Pond

Been wanting to post this Koi Pond Pic i took sometime ago but I just keep forgetting bout it. I heard pig's brain is good for amnesia. right anot ar ?


  1. Nice ..little bit ZEN taste

    your house drive way quite long,

  2. Anonymous4:14 am

    confirm not your house lor :P

  3. how very convenient, when ur hungry just grab a koi & cook it!

  4. errr... koi fishes represent 'luck' is it?

  5. Really nice koi pond. Is that at your house? lolz.

  6. wow...wish i had that in my house..hehe

  7. Put a pirahna in there for more excitement! Muahaha!!

  8. WoOow! i like the garden, so nice!!
    is Koi edible? I mean.. can human being eats Koi?

  9. the gold colour one cook "jiong jing" best!

  10. Wei cipet, really your house meh? You so free to take care two sons (Chester the dog la), one bini, two blogs, pimping and somemore rear kois? Faster tell la, not interested in the koi but the garden. Koi can found in temples, lagi best. But garden best wor. Can have bloggers meet there?

  11. Very Nice!!!! Looks like some resort! OMG!! Sportscar, PD Vacation, gfs and now Koi Pond... sounds like something out of Astro Channel 11.. the lifestyle of the rich & femes!

  12. frostier : i where got say it is my house leeerrr not my houseee

    9394 : yar very peaceful hor ? i also like lol

    scb : inspiration for hamsup stories ???!!!!

    decypher : ya ya confirm not my houzzz, so cleber lu!

    wuching : mch u farking binthai ok!!! where got ppl eat pet wannnn!!!

    sun,moon,star : yar i belief koi represent luck ... or izzit fuck ? kaka either one will do just fine la lol

    jayus : no ler how i wish its my house *sigh*

    dragoncity : me too!!

    cocka : mahai u n wuching also same farking binthai one

    cynthia : yar i think koi is edible if u r those type that will eat own pet type la lol

    ahpek : u n cocka and wuching same geng !!!

    5xmom : not my houz laaaa

    helen : i where got blog bout gfs b4 ??? buden that one is not my house laaa so ur theory wrong liow lol

  13. fuah....nice pond nice house.

  14. eh, oztralia people memang binthai wan lar, kangaroo oso can eat ledi, how come koi kenot eat? If wuching go there, sure habis suma itu koi!! kena penggang.


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