16 February 2006

Winner of the Riddle Contest!!

Mahpuki got so many winner, Ahpek gonna be very busy this time lol

Below is the list of winner and their Answer :

1.Ngiap Ai said...i noe i noe!!izzit panadol?

2.Helen said... Aiyah!! ngiap ai said it!! I wanted to say Panadol too!!

3.Boss Stewie said... DIU LAR i was also about to say panadol!

4.moz monster said... playdoh? Panadol la ...

Makai got more guys than gals!!! looks like this Ahpek is a farking gay magnet!!! kakakaka

Winners pls goto Ahpek's blog to register yourself and claim your prize. LOL!!


  1. sunscreen: check, shades: check, vaseline: check, ky-jelly: check, tongkat ali coffee: check ....

  2. char bor. GOT! consolation prize - compliments from Ahpek.- 3D2N with AhPek!

    you cna uncheck vaseline and ky jelly. all 3 barmaids very wet one. unless of course you want to do somthing more assventurous.

    and b4 i forget, regitration closes at 91500 hrs GMT.

  3. Waa, got vacation liao!!

    Ah pek - Got latino hunks ar?? I dun want swiss barmaid. I don't sapu cat, OK??

  4. yahla i oso dunwan swiss barmaid

    helen...nonit to xchange for watever f4 date d rite?haha

  5. why i didnt win one, my answer very original mah malaysian idol.
    wahwahwahwahwahwah, not fair one, i wan to win, i wan, i wan, i wan.


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